Fans Of Simple Plan Won’t Admit They Used To Do These Things...

Simple Plan ROX.

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1. You own at least one or two ori Simple Plan CDs, bought with the money you painstakingly saved from your weekly allowance

It feels like a teeny bit of betrayal to buy pirated CDs or download illegal MP3s.

2. This is more or less what your bedroom walls looked like:

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IF your parents let you put stuff up on your walls lah, because "scotch tape and Blu-Tacks leave marks"!

3. You know each of the boys' first and last names, birth dates, favourite colour, favourite TV show etc. by heart

There's a reason why you religiously buy Galaxie and all those entertainment magazines... :)

4. You might have bought some wrist bands and studded belts and even cut up your baggy long pants to look like them

Let's not forget the 'Role Model' T-shirts as well as the high-socks-and-sneakers combo.

5. You feel like the world has ended when your parents won't allow you to attend Simple Plan's concert because "You're too young!" and "The tickets are so expensive!"

6. So you wait by the radio day and night, hoping to win tickets to their concert... and maaaybe get meet-and-greet passes too!

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7. You feel like they wrote 'I'm Just A Kid' based on your life story because ugh, being a teenager is SO HARD and life SUCKS. >:(

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8. You wish you could yell the words to 'Shut Up' at every adult who's ever scolded you i.e. your parents and teachers. You're not always right, Mum!

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9. You nod along in agreement every time you hear 'Welcome To My Life' because it's true - no one understands you and you have the worst. Life. Ever.

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10. You still remember the lyrics to their songs years later (like now) and sing along even though your teenage years are long past

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11. And now that you're a working adult, nothing is stopping you from going to a Simple Plan concert!

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Were you at Simple Plan's concert in KL Live? We did and it was just... PERFECT:

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