GSC Announces 'Thor: Love And Thunder' To Be Indefinitely Postponed And Fans Aren't Happy

The announcement comes about two weeks after an initial prior postponement by Malaysia's leading cinema chain.

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Hold on to your capes, it looks like Thor and Jane will not be arriving to Malaysian cinemas any time soon

Releasing a statement on their Facebook page, leading cinema operator Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) has announced that the latest Marvel film, Thor: Love And Thunder (2022), will not be released on 21 July as anticipated.

Informing their loyal customers that the new release date will remain "TBA" (to be announced), GSC said,

"Disney has updated us that the release of #ThorLoveandThunder in Malaysia is now 'TBA' - release date is now undated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience in this matter as we await more updates from Disney." 

Image via GSC (Facebook)

The announcement comes as a shock to many Marvel fans, as this is the second postponement of the film for Malaysian audiences

Originally slated to drop on 7 July, GSC was also the leading chain that delivered the initial postponement of the Marvel flick in a Facebook post on 1 July, that the movie would instead be released on 21 July.

Within the post, GSC also stated that moviegoers who already purchased tickets in advance would receive a full refund for their troubles.

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As of now, no statement or official reasoning for the postponement has been released by Disney.

Many Malaysians were extremely disappointed by the announcement, and took to Facebook to voice their dissatisfaction over the hold-up

Plenty of netizens were demanding for an explanation, frustrated over the delay altogether: 

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Some even condemned Disney, remarking their belief that the studio holds responsibility for the film being banned in Malaysia.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Others, however, purely state their intentions to wait for the release of the movie (eventually) on Disney+ Hotstar.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

With no sign as to when Thor: Love and Thunder will be released, Marvel fans can only hope to watch the film on Disney+ Hotstar in time to come

Beyond GSC, TGV Cinemas have released an announcement on their Facebook page, citing the postponement as well.

In the meantime, I guess now would be the ideal time to recap all the movies in the Thor series.

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What do you feel about this announcement? Let us know!

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