9 Major Plot Points From 'Hawkeye' To Help You Catch Up Before The Series Finale

If you haven't caught up with Hawkeye yet, be warned — there are spoilers ahead, heheh.

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Taking place in a post-blip New York City, Hawkeye is the latest Marvel Studios television series to launch on Disney+ Hotstar

It follows Clint Barton, a.k.a, Hawkeye, acted out by Jeremy Renner, as well as 22-year-old Kate Bishop, who is played by Hailee Steinfeld. Quick refresher: if you remember, Clint's family was erased from existence in Avengers: Endgame after Thanos snapped his fingers and caused the blip — resulting in the extermination of half of all life in the universe.

In this series, Clint's past comes back to haunt him while he's trying to make amendments with his family during the holidays

He promises his family to be home for Christmas movie marathons, ugly sweater nights, and more holiday bonding sessions, but gets held back by bad guys and the reappearance of his Ronin suit. 

The six-episode series first aired exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on 24 November. And with one more episode to go until the season finale this Wednesday, it's safe to say that fans are eager for more chemistry between the everyman Avenger, Clint, as well as his unrelenting rookie partner Kate.

Let's revisit some significant moments from the show, shall we? Here are seven important plot points from Hawkeye to tide you over until the season finale:

1. Kate meets Clint and becomes his protégé

While young Kate spots Hawkeye from afar during the Battle of New York, the pair only officially meet when she's in college.

At a charity auction one night, Kate comes across Ronin's suit. She inadvertently dons the wanted assassin's suit to break free from a dangerous situation. After she gets into a fight with the Tracksuit Mafias, the 22-year-old comes face to face with her favourite Avenger, who also helps her escape.

2. The adorable Pizza Dog bursts onto the scene

We first meet Pizza Dog when Kate borrows the Ronin suit and tries to take on the Tracksuit Mafias in a (different) fight. 

She saves him from getting hit in traffic, and after one pizza slice later, the ultra adorable, one-eyed golden retriever becomes part of the family. Even Clint can't ignore the cuteness that is Pizza Dog, awww. <3

3. Kate's apartment burns down

Wrongly thinking that she's Ronin, the Tracksuit Mafias flings a molotov cocktail into her apartment. This event is what causes Clint and Kate to work side by side.

While the former is initially just keen on tying up loose ends with Ronin so that he can spend the holidays with his family, Kate, who took up archery after seeing Hawkeye in action during the Battle of New York in 2012, is starstruck to meet her role model. 

4. Clint finds out who's really in charge of the Tracksuit Mafias

The Tracksuit Mafias, who all use the word 'bro' liberally when they speak, still believe that Kate is Ronin. As Clint tries to get Kate out of trouble, he allows himself to be captured by them. While he is still bound, he persuades them that she's just an everyday college-aged woman.

When Kate finds out his location, she attempts to save the skilled archer, but instead winds up a captor as well. Nonetheless, Clint gets what he's after, and discovers that Maya is the boss of the bros.

5. A glimpse into Maya's childhood

In episode three, we find out that young Maya is deaf and has a prosthetic leg. Throughout the series, she uses sign language to communicate. As an adult, she's a ruthless fighter, and here we also get to see her foray into martial arts, as well as the strong bond she shares with her father. 

6. Maya is forced to watch Ronin kill her father

Watching her father die in the third episode of Hawkeye, gives a reasonable explanation as to why Maya is filled with rage, and ultimately driven to seek revenge.

Just like in the comic that inspired the show, Maya's dying dad leaves a bloody handprint on her face. This tragic memory haunts her as she carries out deadly tasks, while in pursuit of her father's murderer. 

7. A showdown with Maya and a Black Widow agent

Unbeknownst to them, a clue they are tracking leads Clint and Kate to Maya's home. While coming face to face with Maya, they discover another opponent hot on their trail — Yelena Belova, the surrogate sister of Natasha Romanova. This is the part when Clint realises things have gotten really dangerous.

8. Clint reveals himself as Ronin to Maya

Clint's family remains his first priority. In order to end things once and for all, he seeks Maya out to reveal his identity as Ronin. He also give away another bit of info — that Maya's boss is responsible for ordering her father's death.

9. Kate also discovers a shocking fact about her mom

In the last episode before the finale, she finds out that her mother, Eleanor Bishop, is connected to Kingpin, the iconic Marvel supervillain. Yelena, who gave a surprise visit to Kate prior to this, sent the latter a text, informing her of this shocking bit of information. 

From lighthearted everyday moments that make you fall in love with the two leads, to action-packed encounters with bad guys like the Tracksuit Mafias, this series will let fans rediscover Marvel in a whole new light

Streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, the series finale is fast approaching — and we bet there's going to be even more surprises in store for fans. :D

Possessing a perfect mix of humour and action from dearest Marvel characters, there's nothing better than having a Marvel marathon with this Hawkeye series to get in the mood of Christmas, amirite? You definitely don't want to miss this next phase of the MCU.

We have sooo many questions — how will Clint and Kate face another threat from the Black Widow agent, on top of fighting off Maya, who's out for blood to seek revenge for her beloved father? Guess we'll just have to tune in on 22 December to find out. ;)

Be sure to check out Disney+ Hotstar to stream the finale of Hawkeye when it drops this December

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