Here's What Moviegoers Are Saying About 'Sangkar', Malaysia's 1st MMA Movie

The movie, which cost RM2.8 million to make, has already netted RM4.5 million in its first five days of screenings.

Cover image via Primeworks Studios , Astro Shaw , Infinitus Gold , mm2 Entertainment , Twitter @arisharozaidee

In just five days since its premiere on 29 September, Sangkar - Malaysia's first Malay mixed martial arts (MMA) movie - has already netted RM4.8 million in the box office

A collaboration between media powerhouses Primeworks Studios, Astro Shaw, Infinitus Gold, and mm2 Entertainment, Sangkar is directed by Kabir Bhatia, who helmed last year's bittersweet romance Pulang as well as Sepi (2008) and Nur Kasih the Movie (2011), amongst other local films. 

The film stars Zul Ariffin and Remy Ishak as rival MMA fighters Adam and Johan. Their rivalry escalates into a fight outside the ring, which results in Johan getting seriously injured.

Remy Ishak (left) as Johan and Zul Ariffin (right) as Adam in 'Sangkar'.

Image via Primeworks Studios / Astro Shaw / Infinitus Gold / mm2 Entertainment

Filled with guilt, Adam attempts to redeem himself by helping out Johan's family and seeks forgiveness from Johan.

Adam resorts to underground fights to gain more money and he chooses to share with Johan’s family. Johan also faces his own health struggles for the sake of his family. Meanwhile, Adam rethinks his stand as a martial artist and decides to take on challenge and fight an international MMA fighter, played by British MMA star James McSweeney.

The movie also stars Mira Filzah, Nik Adam Mika, Niezam Zaidi, Ray of Era FM, as well as appearances by local MMA fighters Saiful Merican, Peter Davis, Jihin Radzuan, Rashid Salleh, Andy Teh, and international fighter Davron Kuronboev.

British MMA star James McSweeney in 'Sangkar'.

Image via Primeworks Studios / Astro Shaw / Infinitus Gold / mm2 Entertainment

Reviews for the movie have been largely positive, with some saying it could be the "best Malay movie" of the year

While some moviegoers felt that it did not quite measure up to its "MMA movie" label...

... Others loved that it was character-driven and displayed a variety of moral values in addition to the action

The two leads' bromance and chemistry were a highlight for fans of Zul Ariffin and Remy Ishak

And of course, can't forget about the thirst tweets. ;)

Praises for the movie aside, some also think that the movie is shining a well-deserved light on the MMA scene in Malaysia

Sangkar is now playing in cinemas nationwide. Watch the trailer HERE:

Kabir Bhatia also directed last year's Pulang, which is now streaming on Netflix:

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