The 22 Best 'Hotline Bling' Parody Memes We Found On The Internet

Can we just say... everything Drake touches turns to meme gold? :p

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From the guy who popularised the "YOLO" tagline for daredevils and brought you the "Started From the Bottom" and "All These..." memes, singer/rapper Drake is back again with yet another meme-worthy piece of art

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Drake's latest music video 'Hotline Bling' did not just rake in almost 7.5 million views in 2 days, it has also spawned countless hilarious memes... thanks to his super unique dance moves:

From superimposing household objects into Drake's hands and putting him in seemingly mundane situations to making him dance to random songs in #DrakeDancesToAnything, here are some of our favourite 'Hotline Bling' memes:

1. Drake can totally consider frying char koay teow as Plan B if being a singer doesn't work out...

Drake's "Char Koay Teow".

Drake's Char Koay Teow? Who knew. #waitwhatLyrics to sing along:Prease come buy my char kuey tiau/diao,I onry sell for 1 linggit,butt not incruded Gee Ass Tea,ngeehhhhhhhhhhh..

Posted by MAK Vids/Films on Monday, 26 October 2015

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2. ... Or putting his baking and icing skills to good use

3. He could also be the guy laying out the pepperoni in your nearest Domino's...

4. ... And don't be surprised if you see him shaving away in your local barber's

Video via Instagram @daquan.

5. Afraid of spiders? Never fear, Drake is here!

6. He's also pretty reliable when it comes to scooping up and disposing cat litter ;)

7. Can you beat Drake's high score on 'Fruit Ninja'?

8. Throw your Poké Balls far and wide and you'll definitely CATCH 'EM ALL...

9. Or you can just use a huge net

10. Not content with being an actor, singer, rapper, AND songwriter, Drake decides to make a bid for the Wimbledon trophy instead

11. While he's at it, might as well nail a half-court shot too. YOU GO, DRAKE!

12. Also, if you ever need poker mates, Drake's your man!

13. But his super athleticism can't save him from this intense smackdown...

Video via Instagram @daquan.

14. ... Or from an epic pummelling from The Incredible Hulk!

15. It's okay, Drake. Here are some lightsabers for you to swing around.

16. Speaking of lightsabers, does anyone notice that Drake's dance moves fit EVERY SONG EVER? E.g. The 'Star Wars' theme...

17. ... 'Ghostbusters' theme...

18. ... and our personal favourite, the 'Phua Chu Kang' song?

19. Hey, Drake can do the 'dangdut' too!

20. Has anyone ever broke out into a dance when they hear the 'X-Files' theme song?

21. Or the 'Little Einsteins' rocket song? This remixed version is pretty catchy!

Video via Instagram @daquan.

22. Now, how about a dance-off with one of the goofiest dancers in the world, Mr. Bean?

Okay that's enough making fun of Drake for today. Listen to the actual song here:


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