India's 'Tony Stark' Creates Working Marvel Costumes Out Of Electronic Waste

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Cover image via Ningombam Prem Angom/Facebook

Ningombam Prem, a 20-year-old from India, built a functioning replica of Marvel's War Machine suit entirely out of electronic waste and scrap materials

Hailing from Manipur, India, Prem first began constructing the costume after his younger brother persuaded him to.

A report by Swarajya Magazine revealed that because Prem's family could not afford to buy the materials, he decided to collect any broken, old, or unused items being thrown out by nearby stores. 

The suit itself is built entirely from scrap cardboard, electronic toys, emergency lamps, syringes, speaker frames, and IV tubes

Though the creation may not blast lasers or allow its bearer to fly, it does feature multiple light-up and movable parts powered by numerous motors. 

Without any formal robotics training, Prem constructs replicas purely based on observation

The young adult has no prior professional training in robotics, and instead relies on his observational skills to recreate the electronic devices and mechanisms. 

Prem may have been swayed to work on the War Machine suit by his brother, but his fascination with robots started long before. 

In an interview with ANI News, Prem said, "I have always wanted to create a robot since my childhood days." He added that he took a particular interest to Iron Man five years ago. 

Since then, Prem has created several other electronic items including replicas of Iron Man's helmet and a version of Spider-man's web-shooter

The report by Swarajya Magazine said that Prem would like his scientific creations to contribute to Manipur's film industry which largely produces love stories. 

Prem has quickly become an Internet sensation with over 73,000 views on his YouTube channel

The 20-year-old may be his family's go-to handyman at home, but online he has amassed quite a following. 

He has become popular amongst netizens primarily for his YouTube videos showcasing his creations, many of which are replicas of Marvel superhero costumes. 

His most viewed video? A tutorial showcasing how he built a cardboard version of Iron Man's hand. It has over 24,000 views! 

Aside from being a robotics wiz, Prem is also a talented artist

With his many talents, Prem's single mother told ANI News that she hopes the government will be able to support his future endeavours.

"As I am unable to support him financially, it would be good if the government would provide financial aid in order to allow him to excel in the future," she says.

Prem currently attends a local arts college and continues to share his work on his Facebook page. 

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