Romance, Military & More - 10 Exciting Korean And Chinese Dramas Coming To iQiyi In April

New month, new dramas!

Cover image via iQiyi (provided to SAYS)

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Dunno what to watch? There are so many new K-dramas coming to iQiyi in April that you'll definitely love!

Here are our top picks:

1. Oh! Master - Starring Lee Min Ki, Nana, and Kang Min Hyuk

This drama tells the story of a romantic comedy that unfolds when two people find themselves living together— Han Bi Soo, a successful drama screenwriter who chooses not to date, and Oh Joo In, a top rom-com actress who can't seem to find love in real life.

Check out the iQiyi app or iQiyi.com for new episodes every Wednesday & Thursday!

Watch the trailer below:

2. Scripting Your Destiny - Starring Ki Do Hoon and Jeon So Nee

Kim Eun Sook, the star writer behind mega-hits like Descendants of the Sun, The Heirs, Mr. Sunshine, and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is bringing you another must-watch K-drama!

Scripting Your Destiny revolves around immortal god Ho Yoon and mortal screenwriter Che Kyung. Ho Yoon is in charge of determining human fate, but when it comes to writing Che Kyung's romantic fate, his lack of experience leads him to plagiarise one of her unreleased works.

Watch the trailer below:

3. So I Married an Anti-Fan - Starring Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon

After an ordinary TV reporter gets fired following an encounter with a famous K-pop star, she ends up becoming well-known as his outspoken anti-fan. As reluctant participants in a reality show, the pair of public enemies are forced to live together and get to know each other. Could romance bloom between them?

4. Dramaworld (Season 2) - Starring Liv Hewson, Sean Richard, Henry Lau, Justin Chon, Ha Ji Won, and Daniel Dae Kim

Season 2 of Dramaworld once again follows Claire Duncan, an American college student and a huge fan of K-dramas, who finds herself within the world of her favourite drama. Look out for new additions to the cast, featuring big names like Ha Ji Won, Daniel Dae Kim, and Henry Lau.

According to iQiyi Malaysia’s Facebook, the drama is scheduled to release exclusively on 2 April.

Watch the trailer below:

5. Dark Hole - Starring Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk

Image via Soompi

Muji City is thrown into chaos by a mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole that causes people to turn into monsters. A group of survivors must fight for their lives and try to save the city.

And it's not just the K-drama lineup that we're hyped about, there are upcoming Chinese titles too, featuring different themes such as special army forces, a Song Dynasty period drama, and more!

Check them out:

6. Love Scenery - Starring Lin Yi and Xu Lu

Liang Chen and Lu Jing are two people who shine in their respective fields, with the former being a talented musician, and the latter an IT expert and popular gamer. Starting out as strangers, the duo eventually cross paths as they chase after their respective dreams.

Watch the trailer below:

7. No Boundary - Starring Guan Hong, Zhang Yishang, and Gu Zicheng

From the same director of the hit Chinese drama The Untamed, No Boundary tells the story of an upright goddess and a cold but warm-hearted constable who team up to solve crimes and vanquish demonic forces. From bickering rivals to partners in justice, the two begin to fall in love. But a greater conspiracy awaits them…

8. My Dear Guardian - Starring Johnny Huang and Li Qin

Due to painful memories from his past, Liang Muze, an icy and strict military officer, has closed off his heart. Will the warm and gentle military medic Xia Chu be able to make him open himself up to love again?

Stay tuned for it if you enjoy dramas like Descendants of the Sun and You Are My Hero!

9. The Lion's Secret - Starring Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan, and He Junxiang

With their first encounter being on their wedding day, Mu Wan Qing and Liu Qing's relationship starts out hostile. As the couple go from having no feelings for each other to developing a bond of mutual love and trust, they are severely tested when a bigger challenge arises.

10. Palace of Devotion - Starring Liu Tao and Vic Zhou

This exciting historical drama was inspired by the real life of Empress Zhangxian Mingsu, Liu E of the Song Dynasty. With the love story of Liu E and Zhao Heng (Emperor Song Zhenzong) as the main focus, the drama explores political plots among the Song Dynasty's famous politicians, clans, and neighbouring countries.

Watch the trailer below:

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