This M'sian Dancer From 1MILLION Dance Studio Is Now A Trainee On Youth With You S3

He even choreographed for GOT7!

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Guysss, iQiyi's popular elimination reality show, Youth With You, is back with Season 3, woohoo!

If you're unfamiliar with the show, Youth With You is an idol reality show where more than a hundred trainees in China compete with each other in order to debut as a boy or girl group. 

Based in China, the show first started off with the name Idol Producer, before revamping to Youth With You. And over the years, the show has grown in popularity, not just in China but internationally as well. Since then, two boy groups and one girl group have debuted through the show, namely NINEPERCENT, UNINE, and THE9. 

With the second season of the show having ended less than a year ago, Youth With You Season 3 is back stronger than ever with new mentors, in addition to mentors from previous seasons

Among the new mentors are youth producer Chris Lee and rap mentor Will Pan. Meanwhile, familiar faces like vocal mentor Li Rong Hao (from Idol Producer and Youth With You Season 1) and dance mentor Lisa from BLACKPINK (from Youth With You Season 2) are back. Together, this team of mentors will coach over a hundred male trainees. 

In fact, Esther Yu, one of the members from THE9 who debuted last year, is returning as the youth tutor for the trainees as well! If you're a big fan of these mentors, you'll love seeing them share their experience and skills with the trainees. 

Best of all, the show which airs every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm, is free to watch on iQiyi! And fret not as there are English and Malay subtitles as well. 

And here's the part many Malaysian fans are most excited about... Youth With You Season 3 features a Malaysian trainee, Jun Liu, who hails from Negeri Sembilan. :O

What's cool is that Jun Liu, who has a remarkable talent for dancing, recently became the first Southeast Asian in season 3 to rank seventh place in the first round of ranking positions, yasssss! With this, many viewers are eagerly waiting to witness his performance during the first ranking stage, slated to air this week. 

Previously, Jun Liu had been choreographing and showcasing his dance skills on various platforms, including the popular YouTube dance channel, 1MILLION Dance Studio, where he became the first Chinese and youngest tutor. Other than that, he has also choreographed dances for notable artistes and boy groups including GOT7 and Jackson Yee. 

And if you have been streaming one of iQiyi's recent and popular variety shows, FOURTRY S2, did you notice Jun Liu's brief cameo appearance? 

Meanwhile, have any of the trainees caught your eye so far? Well, guess what? As fans of the show, you play a big part in realising your favourite trainee's dreams!

Image via iQiyi

Youth With You Season 3 has numerous ranking positions, where the talented and capable trainees that receive the highest number of votes will remain on the show to continue competing.  

Therefore, if you wish for your favourite trainee to debut, you can support them by heading over to iQ.com or through iQiyi International's app to vote for them! However, make sure to log in or register as you'll need to be an iQiyi user in order to vote. Each user is entitled to only one vote per day. Keep those votes coming, guys, woohoo!! 

You can watch Youth With You Season 3 on iQ.com or download the app here

Besides that, you can now write and send letters to the trainees as well!

Plus, you won't even need to worry about not knowing how to write in Mandarin at all, as the show's producers will help translate the letters for you. Then, the trainees will choose the best letters to read during the show. But fret not, as once the show ends, the production team will present all the letters to the trainees. 

Ready to get your letters out? Here are a few things you need to take note of: 
- Letters sent out by each individual cannot exceed 30 per day 
- Each letter must have a minimum of 10 words and should not exceed 5,000 words 
- You can submit your letters via iQiyi International's app

So, don't forget to vote and send your letters! Both of these features are available exclusively on iQiyi.

Apart from Youth With You Season 3, iQiyi also has tonnes of other dramas, variety shows, and movies ranging from different genres you can stream for free

However, if you sign up as a VIP member instead, you get to enjoy exclusive benefits like Dolby Audio, VIP-only exclusive content, advanced viewing, full HD, and so many more!

iQiyi has two different VIP memberships – Standard and Premium. Standard VIP allows up to two screens to stream the app simultaneously, whereas Premium VIP allows for four screens.

And iQiyi is having a promotion for first-time users who opt for monthly subscriptions as well! Enjoy the Standard or Premium membership for only RM1.90 for the first month. Then, the monthly subscriptions will begin from as low as RM7+.

Psst... by signing up for iQiyi's VIP membership, you'll also get to watch Youth With You Season 3's extension programmes as well – Youth With You 3 Backstage and Youth Party, woohoo! 

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to iQ.com to stream Youth With You Season 3 now!

Youth With You Season 3 airs every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm on iQiyi. 

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