[QUIZ] How Many Of These Past Year SPM Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

Can you score full marks on this quiz? :p

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After a tough year of virtual learning and strict school SOPs, students will finally get to sit for their SPM exams

If you're in university or already entered the workforce, then you likely have vivid memories of SPM. All the tuition classes, late-night studying, stressing out with friends... it's pretty much a rite of passage!

But how much do you actually remember?

Jom, let's see how many past SPM questions you can answer correctly :p

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

As SPM draws closer, MILO wants to encourage all exam-takers to keep their spirits up!

We totally understand how frustrating it must be to have SPM postponed not once... but twice! Plus, with the current situation, it's normal to feel tired, anxious, and become increasingly demotivated to study :(

You’re not alone — this added pressure has caused many students to lose focus and concentration on their lessons

After all, studying at home is just as grueling and intense as studying in school. 

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That’s why MILO wants to remind all SPM students to start their day right by having some brekkie to ensure everyone is fuelled up

Together with a balanced and nutritious breakfast, a cup of MILO is just the right pick-me-up to help you stay alert and take on the home stretch. Plus, MILO Mixes come in convenient stick packs and in different variants, so you can make it easily without wasting any time.

Here are the various MILO Mixes:
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- MILO Kosong: The same tasting and delicious MILO powder from the tin, now in convenient stick packs.
- MILO Less Sugar: Malaysians' favourite chocolate malt drink with 25% less sugar compared to the regular MILO.
- MILO with Whole Grain Cereal: A high fibre chocolate malt drink with 25% more cereal that is light but filling.

While MILO Mixes are good on their own, you can even try whipping up these delicious MILO recipes:

1. This turmeric-orange blend will definitely add a little spice and zestiness to your mornings

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2. Get your daily dose of antioxidants with a cup of MILO and matcha green tea

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3. If you love that tropical, woody taste of coconut, we're sure you'll love this combination of MILO and coconut

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4. Did you know that spinach is chock-full of iron? Fuel yourself with this iron-rich drink that will help power your day.

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Click here for more yummy recipes you can try out!

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