Guy Shows How He Harvests Durian And My Heart Says "No"

His video has since garnered over 2.1 million views.

Cover image via @tae_adison09 (TikTok)

Being a fireman, pilot, or construction worker are just some of the many hazardous jobs out there.

Durian farmers? They deserve some recognition too.

On 31 January, Tae Adison from Thailand posted a TikTok video of how he harvests durian. His video has since amassed over 2.1 million views.

Holding nothing but a sack, the man is seen looking upwards as another person drops the thorny fruit from a tree – one at a time

In the video, he catches every single durian with precision and then calmly passes it over to another farmer to place in a basket

This is definitely one job that leaves no room for mistakes.

To give the 'durian catcher' space, the collector is seen taking a step back each time a durian falls.

Tae Adison's TikTok is filled with videos of a durian farmer's life, including this video which shows a different angle from the tree

Is this a common method of harvesting durian? Yes and no.

According to several websites, this practice is used mostly in Thailand but not so much in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines. 

Durian usually mature and are allowed to drop to the ground naturally before being collected by local farmers. This method apparently gives a "better quality" to the fruit taste. However, the fruit storage life is shorter, which can be an issue if they are being delivered to distant areas.

On the other hand, in Thailand, they often cut the stems of the mature fruit on the tree itself, allowing it to ripen over time.

In recent years, the "proper method" of opening a durian has also caught the attention of many:

Did you know the 'king of fruits' also comes in a smaller package?

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