Have You Seen These "Baby" Durians? They're Almost Too Cute To Eat!

Hail the king of fruits… or prince?

Cover image via Year of the durian

You've seen and possibly tasted the king of fruits, durian.

But have you seen them shrunk down to the side of… well, your palm?

Two special breeds of durians are the durian sukang (red durian) and durian dalit (orange durian), whose size can compare to that of a sepak takraw ball

They can be found in Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei.

Another unique factor, apart from it's adorable miniature size, is their lipstick red (durian sukang) and bright orange-coloured (durian dalit) flesh

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They are so small that they can be held in one hand.

Image via Under the angsana tree

While commercial durian flesh is thick and creamy, some have said that the flesh of these two types are thin and slightly bland (although, others have described it as having a sweetish sour taste).

"It doesn't smell as stinky as the normal durians, like D24 or Musang King. And is not as pungent," said 25-year-old Sabahan, Rebecca.

"The one I ate had a very strong taste. Twice as strong as the usual durian," 28-year-old Darian shared when asked about his experience.

The durians are in season between October and December and are often sold for as little as RM2-3 each

Image via freelittlebrain

Due to its size, they are usually sold in piles, which vary from RM15 to over RM35 per kilo depending on the harvest and location.

According to SabahEats, the durian can usually be found at Tamu (Sabah farmer's market), Kota Kinabalu Central Market, and Gaya Street Sunday Market.

Whether you're a fan of durians or not, you gotta say, these particular guys are just too charming to resist!

Look closely, they look like sleeping babies in a pod.

Image via Malaysia Food Travel

You can watch a video of the mini durian being opened below:

Have you tried these teeny durians before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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