These Adorable Lego Figures Of Tun M And Siti Hasmah Look Exactly Like Them In Real Life

Because who doesn't love Lego.

Cover image via Vincent Kiew

With Pakatan Harapan's historic win in GE14, a couple that returned to Malaysia's spotlight is Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah

Since elections, many Malaysians have displayed their patriotism, including KL-based Lego collector Vincent Kiew, who made figures of the popular elderly couple completely out of Lego

He recently shared photos of his creations on social media, which immediately went viral since his posting.

"I admire Tun M's endurance being PM at his age and watching Tun Siti fully supporting him is really inspiring," he told SAYS.

Image via Vincent Kiew

The two figures were captured with Tun M standing next to Siti Hasmah, sporting a pink outfit and carrying a handbag. She even has Siti's signature hair "curls"!

Tun M's Lego figure resembles him impeccably, from his trademark grey suit down to his framed glasses made out of cute transparent Lego tiles

Image via Vincent Kiew

Kiew even made his arms curve behind his body as Tun M often does when he stands. :D

Since its posting, some netizens even asked if they could buy the couple's figures

However, this isn't the first Malaysian Lego tribute Kiew has made. Previously, he also created a version of the Heritage House in KL...

... and an old school bas mini and Syarikat Foh Hup Omnibus

"I build many heritage houses and landmarks to remind people of the importance of preserving the country's architectural heritage," he said.

You can see more of his Lego creations on his Facebook page.

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