Malaysians Are Pitching In Money For Those Who Cannot Afford To Travel Home For GE14

#PulangMengundi became the number one trending topic on Twitter in Malaysia overnight.

Cover image via New Straits Times & #klubbkiddkl/Twitter

Since the Election Commission (EC) announced that GE14 will fall on Wednesday, 9 May, many have expressed concerns that this would inconvenience voters who cannot afford to travel back to their constituencies mid-week

Twitter user @klubbkiddkl started #PulangMengundi, so that those struggling to finance their commute on polling day could connect with Malaysians who are willing to sponsor or subsidise their trips

#PulangMengundi, which means "return to vote" in Bahasa Malaysia, became the top Malaysian trending topic on Twitter overnight. Those in need of financial assistance, predominantly students, immediately took to Twitter to seek support from fellow Malaysians.

Many generous netizens have made offers to pitch in or sponsor petrol, bus fares, train fares and even flight tickets

Even Malaysians who are unable to vote are lending a helping hand so that those who can are able to exercise their democratic right

The #PulangMengundi initiative and its donors have been applauded by netizens for demonstrating generosity, patriotism and true 1Malaysia spirit

An official Twitter account for the #PulangMengundi cause has been made so that people can continue reaching out to those in need ahead of election day

Great job having each other's backs, Malaysians!

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