[PHOTOS] This ‘Super Corgi’ Pin With A Big Tummy Is Just Too Cute

For all you corgi lovers out there!

Cover image via Pocket Wonders Design

If you're an animal-lover or someone who follows a gazillion animal accounts on Instagram, take a look at these adorable, tubby corgis 'saving the day'

25-year-old designer Voon Ann recently launched her design line of enamel pins and we can't get over how happy these tiny creatures make us feel

Driven by her love of making handmade gifts and writing letters to loved ones, Voon Ann launched Pocket Wonders Design, in hopes of bringing more smiles into people's lives.

"I realised that my designs and illustrations seem to cheer people up, even if it's just for a moment," she told SAYS.

Some of her other designs include this carefree bear that's happily strumming on its ukelele

... and this spotted blue whale "swimming it's way into our hearts"

There are currently three designs available now. However, she says that there will be more coming out soon. Yay!

You can buy these pins on Etsy for RM20.05

Aside from designing pins, Voon Ann also enjoys hand-making miniature sculptures like this teensy plate of our favourite Malaysian breakfast, nasi lemak and teh tarik

... a pizza topped with pepperoni

That crust looks strangely yummy.

... and even Thai desserts like mango sticky rice and thab thim krob *drool*

Lookit those liddle fork and spoons! :D

We thought this bowl of cereal, fruits, and milk was real...

Image via Voon Ann

Those blueberries though.

... and we could almost taste the fries and milkshake in this burger set

Image via Voon Ann

Know someone who will wear those cute corgi pins? Share this with them!

Or tag them to get you one ;)

Image via Giphy

If you're a fan of all things miniature, you might like these tiny siew yoke earrings, char kuey teow, and ang ku kuehs:

We also can't get over these other hilarious food accessories:

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