Malaysians Are Loving This Video Of An Ang Moh Opening A Durian "The Proper Way"

Simon from South Australia has gained himself some new fans from Malaysia!

Cover image via Fruity Fruits 88 Facebook

Just a show of virtual hands - how many of you feel personally offended by this photo of a durian chopped in half?

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Yep, that physically hurts us too. 

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Simon from Fruity Fruits 88, a fruit store in South Australia

Simon is a familiar face on the store's Facebook page, as he is often seen introducing their new arrivals in videos. 

Most recently, a video of Simon introducing the store's latest shipment of "Australian durians" went viral for an endearingly simple reason - his durian-opening skills. :p

"To open it, you just find the end here, and then you can just pry it open.

"As you pull it apart, every piece, you'll have some beautiful fresh meat... oh my God, this is gorgeous. Now that is beautiful," he gushed.

In the video, Simon also noted that the durians - which were grown in Darwin - are actually of a Malaysian variety.

In the comments section, viewers - a number of whom are Malaysian - expressed their surprise over finally seeing a foreigner open a durian "the proper way"

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Some viewers were also tickled pink that Simon seemed to enjoy the infamously smelly fruit, unlike most durian-tasting videos involving foreigners

"That is absolutely delicious. So sweet, and tasty. Very, very nice," Simon said after tasting a piece of the durian. 

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 279,000 times on Facebook. You can watch it in full HERE:

Fresh Australian durian just arrived Check out this video Only $27.88kg Fruity fruits 56 hanson rd Woodville

Posted by Fruity Fruits 88 on Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Apart from Simon, the King of Fruits also has a fan who actually made her love for durians into a career:

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