Milo Cheese Durian Drink Is A Thing That Exists And We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

We're really not sure how to feel about it.

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We Malaysians love our durian, Milo, and cheese

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Well... separately, at least.

But one day, a bold Malaysian decided to mix all three ingredients to make the ultimate beverage - the Milo Kaw Cheese Durian drink

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With Milo Kaw as its foundation, the drink is layered with generous amounts of parmesan and cheddar cheese, then topped with a piece of durian kampung. Yum…?

The drink costs RM25 and you can also opt to change it to teh tarik or coffee.

The bizarre concoction is created by Cheese Banjir, a restaurant in Desa Pandan who prides itself on cooking up wild and weird dishes

True to their name, Cheese Banjir douses almost all of their dishes in, well, cheese. Their dishes have pretty funky names too, like Mr Incredible Spaghetti, Thor Fish N Chip, Dr Strange Kepala Ikan, Ultraman Sotong, and many more.

Now, for the question that is on everyone’s mind - what made them decide to mix durian, Milo, and cheese together?

Image via Cheese Banjir

First of all, the owners made it clear that they did not do it on a whim. In fact, they actually made sure the flavours complimented each other before putting it in the menu!

In an interview with Have Halal Will Travel, the owners of the restaurant said that the salty and savoury cheeses compliment the sweet Milo, with the Durian adding a creamy and custardy kick to the drink!

The outlandish drink has even gone viral on social media, with many Malaysians feeling quite skeptical about the durian, Milo, and cheese combo

Would you try the hybrid drink? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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