[PHOTOS] Indomie Onigiri And Doughnuts Are The Latest Food Trend Right Now

Indomie level up!

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How big of an Indomie fan are you?

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Malaysians and Indomie have a special bond and we’re pretty much ready to eat it in any form...

You’d be happy to know that netizens in Indonesia have been raving about Indomie doughnuts recently and they look absolutely gooood

The Indomie doughnut is cooked Indomie that is mixed with eggs and additional ingredients like sausage, ham, chicken and cheese.

It is then molded into a doughnut shape and steamed until it is firm enough to get covered with breadcrumbs and fried to perfection.

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Surprisingly, the Indomie Doughnut trend didn't start in Indonesia!

A doughnut shop in Sydney, Australia named Donut Papi launched the Indomie Doughnut in collaboration with Indomie Australia, and called it MAY-GORENG!

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Adding to the recent doughnut hype is Indomie Onigiri

The popular Japanese rice snack gets an instant noodle makeover that’s making us wonder, “Why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

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We never thought we'd see Indomie packed into an onigiri like that and wow, is that a cili padi stuffed in there?

Can you imagine how yummy Indomie that is being hugged by seaweed would be?

The Indomie Onigiri can be found in all K3 Marts in Medan and Oni.Onigiri in Surabaya.

Image via @oni.onigiri

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Craving for Indomie now? You can satisfy your cravings here:

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