This Stall Serves Durian Goreng Cheese And We're Convinced It Isn't For The Weak

Can you imagine the aroma of these freshly fried durians?

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Remember when Milo Cheese Durian made headlines on social media?

Image via Cheese Banjir

Well, there's another durian creation that's getting the thumbs-up from Malaysians who love fruits and cheese: Durian Goreng Cheese

Similar to Pisang Goreng Cheese, the durian, usually of kampung variety, is dipped in batter and fried. It is then rolled in cheese flakes that supposedly enhances the aroma and taste of the King of Fruits.

This sinful, deep-fried snack is served at a small stall in Batang Kali, Selangor by a 25-year-old woman

Nur Emyza Samsudin wanted to try something different besides banana or jackfruit fritter coated with cheese, and that's how the idea came about.

It costs RM8 for five pieces of Durian Goreng Cheese.

Although most people are skeptical about this combination, the feedback from customers has been positive so far

According to Malay Mail, Nur Emyza received good feedback on her combination and was told it is delicious.

This stall also sells pisang goreng and donuts with butterscotch, cheese, chocolate, and more

As you can tell, Nur Emyza's stall, called Pisang Cheese Batang Kali, offers a variety of fried street food that's filled and sprinkled with rather unconventional toppings.

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