Buff Korean Guy Selling Watermelons On The Street Becomes Internet Sensation

"I've never wanted a watermelon this badly before."

Cover image via Lee Won (Facebook)

Imagine driving on the street one day and coming across this fruit seller...

Lee Won, who is a 40-year-old professional Korean bodybuilder, has shaken the Internet after he was recently seen selling watermelons on the streets of Vietnam

Wearing nothing but a loincloth, the unusual sight didn't just cause heads to turn on the road. Photos shared on 5 February showing Lee pleasantly smiling at passers-by have since spread all over Vietnam's media.

According to news portal Thanh Niên, Lee has been living in the country with his wife for the past two years and works as a trainer at a gym called FitPlus.

Apart from his muscular physique, there's an interesting story behind the gym instructor's unique dressing

Lee explained to Thanh Niên that he decided to wear the cloth inspired by the legend of Mai An Tiem – a character who was believed to have first brought watermelons to Vietnam.

The story is about an adopted prince named Mai An Tiem who believed in working to earn his own possessions, even turning down the king's offer to give him food. Offended by this, the king exiled him to a deserted island.

On the island, he discovered seeds that birds would drop on the beach. He cultivated those seeds and they grew into watermelons. He then began trading the fruit with fishermen who passed by, eventually making a living for himself.

Shocked to find out that his son was still alive, the king allowed Mai An Tiem to return to the mainland and his son's actions proved to the king that his words were true.

After hearing the legend from one of his students, Lee felt inspired by Mai An Tiem's traits of resilience and courage – all of which are characteristics that he feels fitness instructors also have to carry

Wanting to convey a message to the public to "always be yourself but live healthier, live better, and live more active", he borrowed a watermelon vendor's truck, bought watermelons from the vendors, and set up the stall.

He said that at first he felt shy when people on the road were just looking at him and taking pictures. However, when several aunties recognised that he dressed up as tribute to Mai An Tiem, and exclaimed "How beautiful!", he felt his confidence increase.

Naturally, people on the Internet have been loving and supporting Lee's message

Image via Facebook

Several others also cheekily commented that they're craving watermelons all of a sudden

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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