Internet Swoons Over Burmese Model Who Became A Monk For 10 Days

Chiselled and pure.

Cover image via @paing_takhon (Instagram)

A 25-year-old model from Myanmar has blown up on the Internet after recently sharing how he ushered in the new year

Paing Takhon took to his Instagram revealing that he decided to join a monastery for 10 days.

On Tuesday, 12 January, he posted photos of him going about his routine, carrying out duties, while taking a break every now and then.

He wrote, "Spent my New Year 2021 by being a monk for 10 days and I felt so peaceful and knew myself more".

Although in the past the model is seen with long locks and suited up or in streetwear, he surprised fans by swapping out his attire for a simple maroon robe and a clean-shaven head

His photos have since gone viral all over social media, with his Instagram post alone having over 145,000 likes at the time of writing.

More than just good looks, Paing appears to be an animal lover. He's often seen in photos feeding strays and enjoying the company of different animals.

Paing began his career as a runway model back in 2014, which later landed him jobs in TV commercials, music videos, and presently as an ambassador for several brands.

In 2017, he started acting and made appearances in Bad Boys II and Midnight Traveler.

He was later listed on BuzzFeed's article titled '23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words'.

And it's not hard to see why...

Ok, that's all. Please take a break and drink some water.

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