From Saitama To Ipin: Here Are All The Memes Of Bald Syed Saddiq For Your Viewing Pleasure

Syed Saitama is here!

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Yesterday, 30 December, Muar Member of Parliament (MP) Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman fulfilled his promise to shave his head bald after managing to raise RM383,000 in a fundraising campaign

The former youth and sports minister started the 'One Family, One Laptop' campaign last weekend with a target to garner RM200,000.

The money will go to around 500 families earning below RM1,500 in Muar, Johor to buy a laptop for their children's education, reported Bernama.

Within just five days, the campaign raised RM183,000 more than the initial target.

To fulfill his campaign pledge, Syed Saddiq went on Astro Awani last night for a haircut.

The result of the one-hour barber session was not only a bald Syed Saddis, but also hundreds of memes. :D

1. One punch!!! *cue soundtrack

Bald Syed Saddiq was most compared to Saitama from the popular anime, One Punch Man.

Many Malaysians made the comparison because the Muar MP had previously made references to the anime while running the campaign.

A day before the campaign ended, Syed Saddiq tweeted, "Last day! Let's give the fundraising drive one final push. Nervous to transform into Syed Saitama."

2. Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Menacing anti-heroes and villains

Other than Aang, one netizen edited Syed Saddiq to resemble three other fictional characters and asked, "Which one is the most powerful character?"

Left to right: Kratos from 'God of War', Thanos from Marvel comic series, and Heisenberg from 'Breaking Bad'.

Image via @ijaicool (Twitter)

Kratos Syed Saddiq looks very menacing. Help!

3. Ipin from Upin And Ipin

Netizens will never forget to make comparisons between a bald person and the most popular Malaysian animated series.

4. Hot wrestler

One netizen even took the time to mask Syed Saddiq's new look on wrestler 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's face

5. More bald villians!

Malaysians also compared bald Syed Saddiq to Imhotep from The Mummy, Doctor Eggman from Sonic The Hedgehog, and Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movie franchise.

6. Hilarious Asian characters

Comparisons to characters closer to home, we have 'Golden Leg Fung' from Shaolin Soccer, one of the child monks from Kids From Shaolin, and Kirin from Dragon Ball.

7. Disappointed Syed Saddiq

The bald Muar MP is also perfectly suited to be the new hands-on-hips disappointed Muhammad Sarim Akhtar meme.

Meanwhile, local comedian puppet Harry Kok also joined Syed Saddiq in shaving his head

Which of these comparisons is your favourite?

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