Someone Is Selling McD's Chilli Sauce Sachets On Shopee — And Malaysians Are Buying Them!

Which is more shocking: locals buying something that's meant to be free or someone selling something that's meant to be free?

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Everybody has a preferred brand for their condiment of choice

Be it Heinz, MAGGI, Life, or Lingham's for chilli and tomato sauces, all of us surely prefer one brand over the other.

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But what if your favourite condiment can't be purchased with money? What if the chilli sauce is only given out free by the fast food chain, say McDonald's?

Fret not, because this seller on Shopee has your back! is a seller on Shopee with 2,100 followers and 3,300 ratings.

The three-year-old store has up to 525 products. Among them are McDonald's tomato and chilli sauce sachets.

In the product description, it is said that the sachets have a short expiry date. All of them are due to expire in 2021.

"Fussy buyer please do not make any purchase," says

Despite the warning, more than 816 McDonald's sachets have been sold

The product page has a five-star rating from 12 buyers — not one review was rated less than five stars.

"Just received the goods! Thank you, seller. The shipment was fast and great, the goods are safely packaged. They arrived without any defects," reads a review, before exclaiming that the product is "my favourite chilli sauce!".

Out of the reviews, three of them shared photos of the products. They all had nothing bad to say, only praises to sing of the seller.

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Tomato sauce sachets are being sold at RM0.20 to RM0.25 each, while chilli sauce sachets are priced at RM0.45 each

There are only 203 sachets left. states that they do not sell the sachets in bulk and advises buyers to contact them before making any purchase.

If you want to buy McDonald's chilli and tomato sauces as well, visit's store here.

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