Guy Looks Like A Model After Losing 70KG And People Are Shook


Cover image via ルイボスチャンネル (YouTube)

Losing weight can be a continuous struggle for many. But one guy, who recently went viral on social media, shows us that it's never too late to make a change.

Japanese YouTuber Ruibosu recently shared a video of his incredible weight loss transformation, where he dropped a whopping 70kg!

His video, which was posted on 12 August, has since garnered over 2.6 million views.

With a strict exercise routine and a healthier diet, Ruibosu went from weighing 137kg to 68.5kg in just one year.

The results were so incredible, many said it looked like two completely different people!

Aside from being amazed by his weight loss, some mentioned that his good looks could make him easily pass off as a model

According to SoraNews24, several people applauded him on his hard work:
"What an inspiration!"
"Who is this good-looking model??"
"It's like his face has been swapped with a totally different person!"
"It's not just his face and body that have changed, his mind and outlook on life have changed as well."
"Losing this much weight is so much harder than it looks. His hard work and self-confidence to make it happen are truly remarkable!"

How did he achieve it?

Ruibuso admitted that he initially did whatever he could manage, such as jump rope, sit-ups, and planking.

Only later, he included weightlifting, kickboxing, and other exercises into his routines.

Rain or shine, Ruibosu can be seen in the video working out to "keep the pledge he made to himself".

And they certainly paid off. What an inspiration.

You can watch his transformation here:

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