This Chinese Family Worked Out Together For 6 Months And The Results Are Pretty Incredible

Major #fitnessinspo. :O

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Here's some major motivation if your New Year's resolution is to get fit! A Chinese family of four has gone viral on social media for achieving some pretty incredible results after undertaking a six-month fitness regime together.

The idea was conceived by XY Jesse, a 32-year-old photographer, when his parents temporarily moved in with him and his wife when she was pregnant with their first child

According to Bored Panda, Jesse invited his father along when his mother decided to move in with the young couple, as he thought it would be a good opportunity to bond as a family.

When he saw that his father was struggling with alcoholism and being overweight, Jesse thought that a weight loss program might help his father regain his confidence and passion for life.

Hence, Jesse put together a fitness regime for his family, roping in his mother and wife to join him and his father in their weight loss journey. They started with brisk-walking and jogging...

... Then they began going to the gym regularly, gradually adding more exercise routines as they progressed through the fitness regime

Image via Bored Panda
Image via Bored Panda

Father and son also documented the results by tracking their changing bodies every ten days, which Jesse posted on his Instagram and Weibo accounts

Three months in, the results were already pretty apparent...

... But when they hit the six-month mark, HOT DAMN. That's one heck of a transformation, coz they look like completely different people! :O

Though the six-month challenge, which started on 10 March 2017, ended on 30 September, Jesse said that the family is set on sticking to their fit lifestyle for the days to come

Image via Bored Panda

Jesse added that the most rewarding thing to have resulted from the epic family activity was to see his father regain his confidence

Image via Bored Panda

Amazing, don't you think? That's pretty much all the #fitnessinspo you need to achieve your "get fit" resolution this year. :p

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We all gotta start somewhere. If we can do it, so can you: