Janna Nick & Amelia Henderson Slammed For Saying Young People Can't Get Work-Life Balance

"If you still haven't achieved your first life goal, then you don't (get to) ever think about work-life balance unless your parents are rich," said Janna.

Cover image via @studiosembang (Twitter)

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Malaysian actress Janna Nick was recently featured as a guest on Amelia Henderson's podcast show, Studio Sembang

In the episode posted on 31 March, the two actresses discussed several personal topics including their views on hardships as young Malaysians.

To get the word out about Janna's special appearance, the podcast's official Twitter account shared a short clip from the video in which the two hosts talk about work-life balance.

Janna said in the video that she has noticed that the younger generation often try to prioritise a work-life balance, and the actress let out a small laugh as she said this.

"Sorry ya, I only get to experience work-life balance when I'm 28 years old, after I earned a certain amount (of money), bought two houses and cars," she said.

"If you still haven't achieved your first life goal, then you don't (get to) ever think about work-life balance unless your parents are rich," she added.

After the actress shared her thoughts, Amelia agreed with her statement by repeatedly saying, "Yes!"

Netizens were not happy with Janna's point of view as well as Amelia's response, as everyone has a different definition of 'work-life balance'

One user commented that Janna's opinion is solely based on her materialistic goals and that the actress failed to see that people are demanding work-life balance because they are not paid enough.

"Imagine if you advocate for a decent salary for the younger generation because why the f--k should we work our a-- off for a measly wage?" they wrote.

Image via Twitter

Another commented that Janna's opinion is only valid for herself because most people do not have the same life goals as her.

They also set themselves as an example, saying they do not care about owning a house or a car.

"I just wanna go to concerts and travel to rural Italy and rural German during my youth," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

"Who's this lady? Why is she laughing at people who want to keep themselves sane? Would like to have an actual debate with this lady if she could come forward," another user wrote.

Image via Twitter

Amelia has since responded to the backlash and said that Janna only laughed at her own hardships

According to Amelia, Janna never wanted to laugh at people who cared about work-life balance, and she added that her peer had gone through tough times to be successful.

"She's laughing because only she knows how much work she had put in to achieve her own work-life balance," Amelia wrote.

"When you come from a difficult financial background, you have to think about how to put food on the table for you and your family before you could have the space to think about work-life balance. That's where she's coming from," she added.

Watch the full clip here:

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