9 Kevin Hart Reaction GIFs For Situations Every Malaysian Can Totally Relate To

In honour of his upcoming stand-up show in Malaysia. :p

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ICYMI, one of Hollywood's biggest comedy stars a.k.a. Mr. Kevin Hart is coming to Malaysia for the first time this year!

To mark his upcoming arrival, we thought we'd pair some of his most iconic reaction GIFs with these super relatable Malaysian situations:

1. When you and your colleagues try to decide where to go for lunch

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2. When you leave work 30 minutes early... but still end up getting stuck in traffic

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3. When your friend says they're "otw" but you know they just rolled out of bed

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4. When your friend FFK you... but you catch him dating with his girlfriend instead

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5. When someone you've never talked to in college suddenly jio you out for yum cha... #MLM

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6. When the Prime Minister declares a surprise public holiday YEY!

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7. When someone says Singaporean food is better than Malaysian food *gasp*

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8. When you find out Kevin Hart is heading to KL in December...

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9. ... And you're so ready to camp your a** in front of your laptop when tickets go on sale this weekend

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Wanna see Kevin Hart in the flesh? Click through for more details and ticket prices for his first ever stand-up show in Malaysia:

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