Whoa, AirAsia Is Starring In A New Hit Korean Drama!

Spot the iconic bright red uniform. :D

Cover image via Osen

AirAsia has conquered the skies, now it's about to take over your TV screens.

In a teaser for a new Korean drama shared by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes himself, the airline seems to have scored itself a prominent role in the show!

In fact, the drama's female lead Choi Soo-A (played by Kim Ha-neul) is a flight attendant who has been with the airline for 12 years. The bright red uniform looks pretty good on her, no? :p

Image via Osen

The drama, which also stars Lee Sang-Yoon (below) and Shin Sung-Rok, is due to premiere on 21 September in South Korean broadcast channel KBS2.

Previews for the drama are already playing on KBS World (ASTRO Channel 391) so you should be able to watch it there too.

An unmistakeable spot of red in Incheon airport.

Image via Drama Beans

Yep, those are Korean flight attendants dressed in AirAsia's iconic bright red uniforms!

Image via KBSdrama

Watch the teaser trailer here:

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