Local Horror Movie Makes History As First Malaysian Film To Enter The US Market

'Don't Look At The Demon' will be screened in over 20 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Poland.

Cover image via Don't Look At The Demon/IMDb & mm2 Entertainment Channel (YouTube)

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For the first time in Malaysian history, a locally created film will be premiering in multiple countries all over the world

Don't Look At The Demon (2022) is a horror classic that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of moviegoers all over the country.

Spearheaded by Malaysian film director and producer, Brando Lee, the movie's success has catapulted it to the global screen, with the film having been confirmed for screenings in more than 250 cinemas in North America alone.

Some other countries the movie is set to showcase in include Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Mongolia, Cambodia, Canada, the UK, and Poland.

Official poster of 'Don't Look At The Demon' (2022).

Image via Don't Look At The Demon/IMDb

Following the exploits of a group of American paranormal investigators and an emotionally damaged spiritual medium, the film sees these people carrying out an investigation on supernatural occurrences that may or may not have happened in a house during the early 1970s at Fraser's Hill.

As dark secrets of the house come into the light, the group must now deal with possessions and malevolent entities that may have a connection to the medium's personal mysterious past.

The 93-minute movie features traditional Asian folklore from an American perspective, and stars artistes from Hollywood, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Here's an ensemble of the main cast members:

Image via Focus Malaysia
Image via Focus Malaysia

At the premiere of the film at Dadi Cinemas in Pavilion KL, Lee was forthright in expressing his hopes for the movie

"With the global release of Don't Look At The Demon (2022), I hope to inspire local producers to reach for the stars and keep pushing forward to represent Malaysia on an international scale," he said in a press conference after the screening. 

Carrying on, Lee also said "The release of this film is not just my success but it is the success of all of us in Malaysia. I am extremely proud to set the benchmark and bring pride to our country. This film will forever be an emblem to remind Malaysia that no goal is too big if you set your minds to it."

Brando Lee at the premiere of 'Don't Look At The Demon' (2022) at Dadi Cinema.

Image via Dadi Cinema (Facebook)

Director Brando Lee (fifth from left) and Swedish actress Malin Crépin (fourth from left), who plays Martha in the film.

Image via Dadi Cinema (Facebook)

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin also attended the premiere of the event, and raved about the film

In reference to the immense success the flick has seen thus far, Zahidi said, "This film provides an opportunity for people from other countries to learn and understand the cultures, traditions, and tourist attractions in Malaysia, which in turn could contribute to the improvement of the tourism sector."

As they have now entered the US market, Zahidi explained how they can now strive to reach new heights by aiming to obtain awards such as Oscars, Emmys, and so forth in the future.

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin.

Image via Dadi Cinema (Facebook)

Lee (third from the left) and Zahidi (third from the right).

Image via Dadi Cinema (Facebook)

Ready to get your spook on? Don't Look At The Demon (2022) is set to hit theatres nationwide on 6 October!

Watch the trailer of the horror film below.

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