Watch Harith Iskander, His Adorable Son, And 12 Other Celebs Go Food Hunting In Malaysia

Cue cravings in 3..2..1...

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Have you ever had steak that came with its own mustard box?

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If you haven't, then Harith Iskander and his cutie-pie son, Zander, are going to show you how it's done!

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The newly-crowned Funniest Person in the World tucked into an Australian Black Angus, grain-fed steak, topped with mustard, at the Mandarin Grill in KL.

We got to enjoy Harith's lavish three-course meal, which began with a Blue Swimmer Crab Cake and Mango Salsa, then was finished off with Textures of Valrhona - a super chocolatey dessert that you're going to want to try!

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And that's just the kind of nom-worthy eats these celebs are discovering on the "Makan Minum Kopi" show

Now in its third season, the web show is bringing you more great eats with celebs including Harith Iskander, Vivy Yusof, Nad Zainal, Bront Palarae, Elfira Loy, Soo Wincci, and more.

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Here's why "Makan Minum Kopi" is going to be your new guilty pleasure:

1. All the food!

Cendol Klang - Episode 22

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Little Rara - Episode 30

Image via Little Rara

Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar - Episode 26

Image via Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar/Facebook

Barat Mediterranean Vegetarian - Episode 25

Image via Barat Mediterranean Vegetarian Bangsar/Facebook

Pasta La Vista - Episode 12

Image via Life in the Wee Hours

Foo Foo Fine Desserts - Episode 18

Image via Women's Weekly

2. Get to know our local superstars a little better

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Yup, that's Neelofa seeing a durian belanda for the first time :O

3. Meet Harith Iskander's adorable son, Zander <3

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4. And Vivy Yusof enjoying spicy seafood tomyum

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Featured celebs include: Daphne Iking, Megan Tan, Yasmin Hani, and so many more!

5. Find out how delicious treats are made

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Melissa Th’ng is actually grinding black sesame seeds to make her own peanut sweet soup!

6. You'll never run of ideas for places to eat

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Set in different restaurants around Malaysia, you get to watch reviews of awesome eats, and will always have somewhere new to try!

7. All the shows are online so you can watch them anytime

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Including past seasons!

8. You could score yourself an awesome meal

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9. And meet your favourite celeb!

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We Malaysians sure love good food, and this is a great place to discover more noms!

Tune in every Monday at 4pm to catch new episodes of "Makan Minum Kopi," plus tons of other interesting lifestyle shows, only on hurr.tv.

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