Malaysian Comedians Collaborate In Hilarious Video To Encourage Locals To Vote For #GE15

"Don't let Malaysia sink!"

Cover image via @kuahjenhan (Instagram)

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With the 15th General Election (GE15) just around the corner, Malaysians all around the country (and the world) are gearing up for one of the most important elections of our generation

In an effort to encourage more Malaysians to vote, multiple local comedians collaborated to create a hilarious video, urging people to go out and exercise their civil duty to vote for this election.

Around 20 comedians took part in the two-minute feature, which included Kavin Jay, Dr Jason Leong, Douglas Lim, Muzakir Xynll, Sulaiman Azmil, Harith Iskander, Sim Tong, Steven Bones, Kishen Alex Raj, Asta, James Soo, Juliana Heng, Shamaine Othman, Hindra Bose, Phoon Chi Ho, and Rizal Van Geyzel, among others.

The brains behind the endeavour, comedian Kuah Jenhan, stated that he was touched that so many other comedians expressed their interest in the project

In a conversation with Malaysiakini, Kuah mentioned that the comedians involved recorded the videos in just two days.

"I basically sent out a text on the comedian chat (yes, we, too, have an annoying WhatsApp group) and was quite touched that many quickly expressed their interest and encouragement," he said.

Explaining his idea behind creating the video, Kuah stated that a conversation with his colleagues started it all. "Most of them are younger than I am and are going to vote for the second time in their lives. Some of them are only voting for the first time."

Continuing on, Kuah explained, "The general sentiment among those who were casting their second vote was that they felt duped by the last general election, while the first-timers are excited to vote, but also wondered if their ballots truly mattered or could help make meaningful changes."

(From left to right): Douglas Lim, Kavin Jay, Kuah Jenhan, Rizal Van Geyzel, and Dr Jason Leong.

Image via @kuahjenhan (Instagram)

Kuah proceeded to ask each comedian to record their own message for the platform, with him adding extras that he edited into the video for easy viewing

Receiving support from the creative agency he works at as a creative content director at, Chariot Agency, Kuah stated how they booked a studio and a camera team for a day to assist comedians who needed help with their videos.

"The ones who couldn't make it would film their part at home and upload it. Quite honestly, everyone offered whatever support they could," he exclaimed.

(From left to right): Shamaine Othman, Muzakir Xynll, Harith Iskander, Kishen Alex Raj, and Juliana Heng.

Image via @kuahjenhan (Instagram)

Hoping to inspire good change and challenge minds through communicating effectively, Kuah noted how things have not been easy in the local comedy scene

Citing a recent incident that involved the arrest of his fellow comedian and friend, Rizal Van Geyzel, Kuah opined that Crackhouse Comedy Club was unfairly shut down

"My dear friend, Rizal Van Geyzel, is still being charged for telling a joke and could be imprisoned."

Kuah was also forthright in explaining the plethora of questions he receives as to whether the local comedy scene has been adversely affected by the problems related to Crackhouse closing, to which he said, "The comedy scene is stronger than ever. Turnout at shows is at an all-time high. Comedy shows are like the parliament now, everyone's fighting for a seat!"

Kuah Jenhan filming the two-minute feature.

Image via Kuah Jenhan/Malaysiakini

Malaysian comedian, Rizal Van Geyzel.

Image via Kuah Jenhan/Malaysiakini

Closing his thoughts on the coming election, Kuah had this to say about his hope for #GE15:

More than ever in the history of Malaysia, our voices and the voices of the young can and should be heard. I'm doing this for my colleagues, comedians, and fellow countrymen.
Kuah Jenhan

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