6 Epic Ways Malaysians Have Shown Their Unlimited Passion For Ed Sheeran

Malaysian Sheerios truly are the best!

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Ed Sheeran is well-loved all around the world and Malaysia is no exception

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From going to extreme lengths just to score tickets to his concerts, to coming up with heartfelt tributes to him and/or his songs, Malaysian Sheerios have definitely gone all out to show their love for Ed Sheeran over the years.

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But first, check out our picks of the most epic instances of Malaysian Sheerios showing their love:

1. Dressing up in a Spiderman costume and dancing on the LRT

Spidey a.k.a Louis Megami was so desperate to score himself tickets to the sold out Ed Sheeran concert back in 2015 that he donned his costume and turned the LRT into his personal dance floor with an enthusiastic dance routine set to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’. He was so good that his actions went viral and he did manage to get himself tickets in the end!

2. Spending over RM4,000 on concert tickets

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When Ed Sheeran’s upcoming 2017 concert in KL ended up selling out in less than an hour, many Sheerios resigned themselves to not being able to catch the show this time around. Especially when people started re-selling the tickets at insane prices. 

But this anonymous fan wasn’t willing to just forgo the chance of finally seeing Ed Sheeran live and paid over RM4,000 (RM2,320 per ticket to be exact) for two tickets to the concert. Talk about dedication man!

3. Going alllll out in contest entries for the chance to see him live in concert

What's a Malaysian Sheerio to do when Ed Sheeran's 2017 concert completely sold out before you could get yourself tickets? :(

Go all out and make super creative contest entries that are sure to grab the organiser's attention so that you'll hopefully get lucky and win tickets!

We especially love these ones:

1. This girl who drew and coded every single frame of this awesome animation herself:

2. This minimalist but totally adorable little cross-stitch:

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3. This guy who just takes it to the next level by not only singing Ed Sheeran's 'Photograph' while swimming, but also while balancing a ball on his head:

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4. Creating an awesome music video that caught the attention of Ed Sheeran himself

Malaysian Sheerios truly rose to the challenge when Ed Sheeran put out a call via a local radio station for fans to share their baby photos with him as part of his promotions for ‘Photograph’.

They totally took it one step further by creating a music video compilation of the entries received, something that Ed clearly appreciated as evidenced by him sharing the video on his Facebook and giving a little shoutout to Malaysia awwww! :')

5. Paying tribute to his songs with some truly unique covers

With the release of '÷', Ed Sheeran's third studio album this year, fans got 12 brand new amazing tracks to play on repeat. Lead single 'Shape Of You' is arguably not only Ed's best-performing song to date, but one of the biggest hits and most covered songs of the year. 

Check out some impressive ones we found done by Malaysian fans below:

1. This caklempong team from SM Sains Tuanku Munawir (SASER), a boarding school in Seremban seriously blew us away with their cover! What a cool and truly Malaysian way to show some love for Ed Sheeran.

2. Out of all the 'Shape Of You' dance covers out there, we love this one the most 'cause it's just so heartwarming to see those adorable little kids giving it their all awwww! <3

3. What's more Malaysian than our national language? We laughed our heads off at MGAG's super creative BM translation of popular songs, including 'Shape Of You'. We hope that someone teaches Ed Sheeran this version when he comes here hehe.

6. Listening to the concert from outside the hall

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What's the next best thing to watching Ed Sheeran live in concert? Listening to it from outside! @sofiya.thefirst shared about her experience doing just that on Instagram:

"...the last time Ed Sheeran came to Malaysia in 2015 I couldn't go because the tickets were sold out. So I went to the concert venue and sat outside of the hall to hear his angelic voice and I was crying throughout the whole concert."

We totally salute your dedication girl and hope you get to see him this time!

How have you shown your love and passion for Ed Sheeran? Let us know in the comments section below! :)

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