Malaysians Think US Comedian Jimmy Fallon Looks Like Najib In His Latest Political Skit

We're seeing double!

Cover image via Twitter @HuffPostComedy / NBC

With announcements for the 2020 Presidential Run already heating up in the US, comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon recently donned a silvery-white wig and greying eyebrows for a skit as Senator Bernie Sanders

Now we're not gonna lie, he looks absolutely nothing like 77-year-old Sanders. He does, however, look quite familiar...

Now is it just us and Malaysian Twitterverse, or does Jimmy bear a striking resemblance to... Najib?!

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Well, looks like we've found a celebrity doppelgänger for our former Prime Minister. :p

Coincidentally, Fallon also had a little fun with Najib in a cheeky voiceover skit when the then-Malaysian PM visited Donald Trump at the White House in September 2017

You can watch Jimmy Fallon's Bernie Sander / Najib-lookalike impression here:

Check out the couple other times Najib made surprise appearances in a Korean drama and a celebrity feud:

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