Malaysians Think US Comedian Jimmy Fallon Looks Like Najib In His Latest Political Skit

We're seeing double!

With announcements for the 2020 Presidential Run already heating up in the US, comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon recently donned a silvery-white wig and greying eyebrows for a skit as Senator Bernie Sanders

Now we're not gonna lie, he looks absolutely nothing like 77-year-old Sanders. He does, however, look quite familiar...

Now is it just us and Malaysian Twitterverse, or does Jimmy bear a striking resemblance to... Najib?!

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Well, looks like we've found a celebrity doppelgänger for our former Prime Minister. :p

Coincidentally, Fallon also had a little fun with Najib in a cheeky voiceover skit when the then-Malaysian PM visited Donald Trump at the White House in September 2017

You can watch Jimmy Fallon's Bernie Sander / Najib-lookalike impression here:

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