[VIDEO] 7 Highlights And Outcomes Of Joseph Germani's "Monchichi"

Local YouTuber Joseph Germani released a video titled "Monchichi" on Valentine's Day and here's what we noticed.

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YouTuber Joseph Germani released the official music video for "Monchichi" on Valentine's Day, FULL VIDEO:

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Here are 7 highlights and outcomes of the video...

1. Everyone's in love with the 'Monchici Girl' aka Lareiene Goh

Lareine Goh

Image via Lareine Goh Facebook

"Can YOU take a photo of yourself doing something silly and hashtag #monchichi ? if you haven't watched it, check it out on @mistergermani"

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"Stahp. Legs. STAHP! Photographer: @xbellanotte MUA: @jynnlooi #woops #awkwardlegs #monchichi #malaysia"

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"Trying to look gangster and what not Photographed by: @xbellanotte Mua: @jynnlooi #ballet #throwback #graffiti #passion #bendybend"

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"Check out @michiekins for her awesome clothing line ️ in love with #thefaultsinourstars #reading #unwinding"

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2. Some have even requested for a dance tutorial

Dance in "Monchichi" official music video

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3. Jin of JinnyboyTV and his mum made a cameo appearance

Jin and mum in "Monchichi"

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"Managed to get @jinnymama #AbudenAunty to cameo in our #monchichi video. Much love, aunty!"

Image via @mistergermani/Instagram

4. So did Reuben Kang of JinnyboyTV

Reuben Kang's cameo in Joseph Germani's "Monchichi"

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5. That's Vince Chong, first winner ever of Malaysian Akademi Fantasia, getting all sultry next to Joseph Germani

Vincent Chong and Joseph Germani in the "Monchichi" video.

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6. The song was produced and composed by Malaysian music producer Daniel V

Daniel Veerapen

Image via Daniel Veerapen Facebook

"If you like Super Mario here's A catchy cute n funny bubbly music video you might wanna check out...song produced and composed by my macha Maestro Mind Daniel Veerapen"


7. Everyone's asking what a 'Monchichi' is - Monchichi is a line of Japanese stuffed toy monkeys from the Sekiguchi Corporation that was first released in 1974

Monchichi ad

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WATCH: Joseph Germani and Lareine Goh doing the 'Monchichi'

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