What Kinda Heist Would Tokyo or Arturo Plan IRL? Vamos, Let's Find Out!

La Banda kat bandar, heheh! And, obviously, SPOILER ALERT.

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To say that Netflix's Money Heist is just a popular series would be an understatement

The heist crime drama became a global phenomenon when Netflix added La Casa De Papel, its original Spanish title, to its catalogue in late 2017 — spawning millions of fans worldwide.

With its fourth part of the series alone, Money Heist has successfully drawn in a massive 65 million views. Plus, it appeared in Netflix's Top 10 row in many countries for several weeks after its launch, including Malaysia! Pretty cool, huh? :D

With the highly-anticipated Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 dropping on Netflix today, 3 September, we'll soon see whether our beloved characters will once again pull through, and win the war

But before the new season starts, let's catch up with several key Money Heist characters from where they last left viewers — and along the way, indulge our fantasies in a little imaginative fun ;)

Find out what sort of heist your favourite Money Heist characters would plan, with some fun local twists:

1. The Professor's heist: Intricate and clever

This is the heist to end all heists. Well planned and water-tight, the target won't know what's coming until he's long gone, if it's a heist orchestrated by the Professor.

Adorably nerdy, this unassuming perfectionist who's highly intelligent and calm in the face of action could be walking down Petaling Street with a blueprint of his targets and they'd be none the wiser.

Where we last saw the Professor:

The Professor initiates the deceptively clever Paris plan, after finding out that Lisbon is still alive. To successfully carry out the plan, the remaining crew inside the Bank of Spain use the bank's head of security, Gandía, in a ruse against Spanish authorities.

Lisbon reunites with Tokyo, Helsinki, Denver, Stockholm, Rio, Bogota, Palermo, and Manila inside the bank, and the Professor, real name Sergio, finally gets to let out a sigh of relief.

However, his happiness is short-lived as inspector Alicia Sierra, now wanted by authorities herself, confronts the Professor with a gun aimed at his face.

2. Tokyo's heist: All guns blazing

Tokyo is unpredictable, and just like the heist she'd pull, she lives life on the fly. From glitzy nightlife in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur to all-night beach parties in Langkawi, Batu Ferringhi, or Georgetown, you'll always find her having a good time.

As impulsive and reckless as she may act, Tokyo's quick wit never fails to get her out of tough situations —even when there's no real plan.

Where we last saw Tokyo:

Tokyo steps up as leader of the group, much to Palermo's reluctance, and performs life-saving surgery on Nairobi.

Escaping from his handcuffs, Gandía makes it his mission to hunt down the members of the crew, and manages to capture Tokyo. She discovers the irreversible damage Gandía caused while she was kept chained in a hidden control room, but fights the urge to kill the former special-ops agent.

Instead, she carries out the Paris plan according to the Professor's instructions, and together with the crew, shares a moving reunion with Lisbon.

3. Berlin's heist: Ruthless yet sophisticated

Theatrics and luxury go hand in hand with any heist planned by Berlin, who probably spends his time catching shows at Petronas Philharmonic Hall or sipping on Romanée-Conti at Soleil.

Charismatic and confident, he can talk his way out of tricky situations to get what he wants. And the loot? It's usually something atas like expensive gems and priceless art, so more Sri Hartamas than Chinatown.

Where we last saw Berlin:

Berlin may have sacrificed his life at the end of season two, but his character still appears in subsequent instalments of Money Heist — and likely in its upcoming season too.

In flashbacks from five years ago, we see Berlin in Italy with the Professor and Palermo, and even witness his marriage to Tatiana.

Here, he also reveals details of another heist he devised with Palermo, the one the crew is currently carrying out in the Bank of Spain.

In the last episode of season four, we see how Berlin heartbreakingly puts an end to a ten-year friendship for the sake of his friend, Palermo.

4. Nairobi's heist: Fierce and efficient with a passion

With an enthusiastic and energetic personality that shines through like Nairobi's, you can expect all aspects of the heist to go smooth if she's in control.

Leveraging on Nairobi's motherly instincts — gentle but nicely stern like your guru disiplin in sekolah menengah — the heist will be over in a blink of an eye once the targets have been locked in.

Plus, it is only a matter of time before it starts to rain RM100 notes, thanks to her confidence and ability to lead teammates calmly through stressful moments.

Where we last saw Nairobi:

Season four started with Nairobi fighting for her life. Fans might remember inspector Sierra giving the go-ahead to snipers to shoot Nairobi, after luring her to the window with her son Axel's teddy bear.

For this second heist in the Bank of Spain, the Professor equips the crew members with basic medical knowledge, so with remote guidance from a surgeon in Pakistan, Tokyo steps up to remove the bullet from Nairobi's lung.

The surgery goes well and things take a romantic turn for Nairobi and Bogota. Even in her banged-up shape post-surgery, Nairobi manages to cheer her frightened heist crew members (due to Gandía being on the loose) to continue melting the gold down at the vault — paramount for their escape.

However, Gandía's escape does not bode well for Nairobi. On two separate occasions, Nairobi was almost smothered to death with a pillow, and then taken hostage, beat up, and shot in the hand. Shocking viewers further, her devastating death — shot point-blank in the forehead by Gandía — also served as painful motivation for the rest of the crew to carry on with the heist. For Nairobi!

5. Rio's heist: Playful and powered by tech

Imagine wielding power capable of crippling social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, that's what you can expect in a heist if it's planned by someone like Rio.

Why would he do it? Just so he can mess with the pakciks and makciks, who've been asking questions that are wayyy too personal and tbh, high key intrusive. He's the kind who doesn't know what he wants to do after SPM, but for now, all that time spent learning to code can be put to some fun use.

And all from the comfort of his home too! Perks of being a tech whiz, heheh! ;)

Where we last saw Rio:

The catalyst for the second heist at the Bank of Spain, Rio spends most of Part 4 dealing with the trauma of being tortured by inspector Sierra. Since he broke up with Tokyo, Rio has been leaning on his friendship with Stockholm for comfort.

It is during Rio's turn guarding the hostage that Gandía dislocates his thumb to slip through his handcuffs. Overcome with anxiety, he helplessly watched as the head of security slipped away.

However, when Nairobi is captured by Gandía, he manages to pull himself together to track them down with Denver and play his part in the Paris plan.

6. And finally, Arturo's heist: All talk and no bite

Image via @NetflixMY

A heist involving little Arturito would not only fall apart in minutes but also prove to be a train wreck that people won't be able to take their eyes away from. And yet, the entire ordeal will somehow not end up a complete failure.

He talks big and syok sendiri, but lets others do his dirty deeds, so don't be surprised to see him lead some super sketchy MLM scheme that recruits members on Facebook.

Where we last saw Arturo:

He's now part of the hostages held within the Bank of Spain. Much like the previous heist, Arturo wants to play the hero but tries to influence the other hostages to do the actual bidding. This includes forcing the intern, Miguel, to communicate to authorities through a smuggled phone, knowing full well that it could cost the young man his life.

As fans would know, his debauchery rots to an all-time low when he begins offering women sedatives. Towards the end of Part 4, Arturo manages to wrestle the gun from Matias, a new crew member assigned to guard the hostages, while the others are dealing with Gandía. However, an undercover Manila — who he had also offered sedatives —reveals her role in the heist and ends up shooting Arturo in the leg, albeit causing just a minor flesh wound.

So, what did you think about the kinds of local heists La Banda would pull? Whether it's calculated like the Professor's or streamlined like Nairobi's, we're pretty sure you know your favourite characters well by now — and if you don't, it's time to catch up, heheh! ;)

Can't wait to find out how things play out in the Bank of Spain? Set a reminder for 3pm MYT today (3 September), so you can remember to press play on Netflix's Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1. Catch a glimpse of the action in the trailer below:

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Other than that, what's Money Heist without it's iconic song – Bella Ciao, right? To celebrate the new season's arrival, check out these local renditions of the song:  

- An epic rendition of Bella Ciao by Yuna & Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
- A Bella Ciao hardstyle remix by Bass Agents and Estee
- BATE's Bella Ciao party mix 
- An Indian fusion rendition of Bella Ciao by Shaun Vinda and Vishal Copra

Can't get enough of these renditions? Don't worry, Netflix compiled a Spotify playlist, so you can listen to 'em whenever and wherever! 

Another fun bonus for hardcore fans? Keep your eyes peeled, and you might catch La Banda lurking around town! :D

Whichever Money Heist character you identify with, there's no better time to put on your red jumpsuit and Dalí mask than now. Find out more details about the Money Heist MY Gold contest today!

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