Netizens Are In Shock To Find 'Attack On Titan' Characters Censored In Malaysia

Titans wearing black undergarments. How respectful.

Cover image via ComicBook & @WallyyTheGreat (Twitter)

Editor's Note: The story contains a visual spoiler of 'Attack On Titan: The Final Season'.

Most manga and anime fans are familiar with cigarettes or blood-spurting scenes being censored

Because, after all, children might be watching.

However, what is the point of censoring when the subject of obscenity does not even exist in the first place?

This question has led one tweet to go viral.

Writing on Twitter today, 3 February, @WallyyTheGreat pointed out that the Attack On Titan manga is very different in Malaysia.

"There, the titans wear a pair of underwear because of the censorship laws there," read the tweet with over 15,000 likes and 4,000 retweets at the time of this writing.

Attack On Titan is a Japanese manga series about humans turning into giant monsters — called Titans — to fight for the survival of their own race.

All Titans in the series are shown naked, but they do not have any genitals. Some Titans do not even have skin.

Here is what an uncensored scene looks like:

Despite the lack of reproductive organs, the comic book published in Malaysia allegedly censored Titans' bodies

Thousands of netizens are confused over the censorship.

"Please tell me the Female Titan has a giant dumb bra," read a comment.

To which another netizen uploaded a photo showing most of the character's body is censored.

Here is what the Female Titan looks like in the uncensored anime:

Image via JUICE

Meanwhile, a Malaysian Twitter user said her manga is "normal"

Speaking to SAYS, the Attack On Titan fan said she bought the manga from Shopee.

However, according to @WallyyTheGreat, it appears the censored manga came from another publisher.

To which, one netizen said, "Omg, did they just get a sharpie and colour it in? Shake my head."

"Wait... I'm Malaysian but I never knew about this. Wtf is this sh-t?" asked a person, while another added, "I remember reading it too but they didn't censor it yet in the first few chapters until Attack Titan shows up."

@syizel__ said the censored versions were published by Kreko, a comic magazine that ran for 20 years before being discontinued in November 2019.

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