This MBO Cinema Has The Biggest Screen In Malaysia And It’s Cool AF

It's literally bigger and better than ever.

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MBO Cinemas is a relatively new name in Malaysia's cinema industry, having only launched here back in 2005. Yet, it has quickly grown to become one of the Top 3 largest cinema chains in the nation.

The recently opened outlet on the 5th floor of The Starling Mall in Damansara Uptown brings up the total number of MBO outlets to 27 nationwide.

According to MBO's Director of Operations, Mariam Yazmin El Bacha, it "will allow urban audiences to choose how they want to view a movie. They could either bring the whole family, indulge in a luxurious setting with a loved one, or have a more experiential journey with state-of-the-art technology".

This new outlet is set to revolutionise the cinematic experience with its 4 unique viewing concepts: MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen, MBO Premier, and MBO MX4D

MBO Kecil:

A concept hall that was specially designed with parents and their children in mind. It features fun elements such as sofabeds, bean bag chairs, and even a mini playground inside the cinema hall.

This is MBO's attempt at stepping away from traditional cinemas and allowing kids the freedom to enjoy their movie-watching experience whichever way suits them best.

MBO Big Screen

This hall is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that's the first of its kind in Malaysia, resulting in highly improved image quality. You can expect clearer and sharper visuals, as well as enhanced brightness, contrast and colour performance from the flagship laser RGB projector thanks to their partnership with BARCO. It also has the biggest screen in the country and an upgraded sound system from DOLBY ATMOS.

MBO Premier

The Premier hall provides a more luxurious setting with reclining sofa leather chairs and movable side tables for a chilled-out time at the movies.

Meanwhile, MX4D will give movie-goers the ultimate heart-pounding and thrilling 4D experience

The MX4D seats provide an immersive environment by replicating movements based on the action of the movie, which includes the following:

- Front-back and left-right motion
- Wind, air and water blasts
- Scent (e.g. faint burnt rubber scent for 'Fast 8')
- Strategically placed effects like wind, fog, and strobe lights around the hall to maximize the movie experience

They've also introduced Cafecito, a unique coffeehouse themed concession stand serving fancy beverages and light snacks, for customers who want to enjoy their movie with something other than the usual popcorn and soda combo

Find out more about this new MBO cinema here and be sure to check it out for yourself soon!

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