Local Artiste Nic Drops New Album That Will Have You Crying, Screaming & All Of The Above

'PARALLAX' will be available on all streaming platforms on 24 February.

Cover image via @nlsw_ (Instagram) & josiahbarlett/tumblr

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The new generation of Malaysian musicians is no longer afraid to speak their minds, calling out the industry for what it truly is despite the glamorous facade

Nic, a 22-year-old singer and songwriter born in Sunway, Selangor, is breaking free from the pop star mould designed for the plants of the music industry.

His music reflects all of his life experiences, whether they are about his romantic life or what he saw while studying in Australia.

In his upcoming album, PARALLAX, Nic uses Trap Metal and Alternative Indie sounds to sharpen his blow against the local music industry.

Before PARALLAX, Nic's discography was much more sombre, with tear-jerking lyrics that will undoubtedly make you think of your ex that left you behind for someone else

Levis, his single from 2020, is a slow track in which his soft vocals blend smoothly with a slow guitar riff, perfectly capturing the depression he felt while recording the track.

"How's the weather inside you? Hope you're not gloomy because we're apart," he sings for his former lover.

"You are what I prayed for, I'm taking nothing back. We're strong alone, so what if you're not here? We've come this far, so what are three more years?"

For the rest of the song, Nic describes how he would do anything for his woman, who in the end, left him hanging.

Gone are the days of him wiping his own tears over an unfaithful lover. Nic now appears angrier and hungrier for success with his new album.

Speaking with SAYS, Nic said that PARALLAX contains all of the unspoken words he has always wanted to say.

"PARALLAX is a collection of thoughts that could never be verbalised, recordings of raw emotion that one cannot even fathom to express publicly," he said.

The album contains a roller coaster of emotions, beginning with a sad track that is reflective of his previous releases.

However, if you do not pay attention to the rest of the album, you might miss the frustrations he expresses with tracks like XENOS, TRAPMETALGXD+, and FAUX GRAS.

'PARALLAX's' album art.

Image via Provided to SAYS

In TRAPMETALGXD+, Nic points out that the Malaysian music industry always produces the same generic pop music

"I've seen too many artistes who make generic music, having no source and putting no personality into their music," he told SAYS.

He went on to say that he grew tired of seeing other artistes not push their limits when he knew they could.

"I've been inspired by a local producer, Nik, who opened my eyes that music can be much more than being one-dimensional," he added.

In the track, Nic criticises the music industry by delivering blow after blow through his lyrics.

"These artistes are playing and so are their crew, they jerking in circles, they testing the waters. They playing the locals like fools, what could I do?" he sings.

Nic hopes that with the release of the track, his listeners will be able to relate to what he is singing, as well as find inspiration through his album.

PARALLAX will be available on all streaming platforms on 24 February.

In the meantime, you can stream Nic's previous releases here:

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