There May Be No More Anime Movies In Malaysia After A Cinema Recording Was Leaked Online

It's disappointing news for the anime community in Malaysia, where anime movies are rarely screened in cinemas.

Cover image via ODEX Private Limited

It's general knowledge that piracy is illegal, but that didn't stop some people from recording snippets of a popular anime movie and posting them online

Image via CrunchyRoll

In Malaysia, where anime movies are rarely shown in cinemas, the release of 'Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale' on 18 February was very much anticipated by anime fans.

Two days after its release, GSC released a statement urging viewers to report any footage they come across online, as the leaks might negatively impact their ability to screen new anime movies in the future

ODEX Private Limited, the movie's distributor, later confirmed that the source of the leaks have been traced to the Singapore & Malaysia Fan Screening on 18 February

ODEX further warned that the Japanese licensors, who are aware of the copyright infringement, may blacklist Singapore and Malaysia for future anime film releases.

So, anime fans, do alert cinema personnel if you catch any of your fellow viewers recording a movie with their phones or a camera!

And obviously, don't be the d*** who does that.

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