Did You Know: There's A Rock Band From Mexico Called Koala Lumpur


Cover image via Koala Lumpur Facebook

Remember the metal band from France who named themselves Mutiara Damansara?

Well, guess what... we just came across yet another overseas band who named themselves after a Malaysian city! Hailing all the way from Mexico, we present to you - Koala Lumpur.

Formed in 2014, Koala Lumpur consists of members Julio Odz (vocals and guitar), Francisco B Fuentes (guitar), JP González (drums) and Ray (bass). According to The Hive Asia, the alternative rock band has played at music festivals in Mexico like Wine Colors Music Fest and Festival Ajusco. The band also released an EP titled 'Paralelos' last year.

Why did they name themselves Koala Lumpur? Well, it has to do with a koala meme and the tragic incidents that befell Malaysia Airlines in 2014.

In an interview with Mexican music blog Viviendo La Musique, the band revealed that they could not agree on a name until one of them mentioned a viral photo of a surprised koala.

"Then someone said, '[our band's name should have] something with koalas'. At the time, people were talking about the Malaysia Airlines accidents, which got us thinking about Kuala Lumpur, so someone came up with Koala Lumpur," guitarist Paco said.

Mexican entertainment portal Coc4aine noted that the band had just begun recording their CD when the band's name was conceived.

Some excited Malaysians have begun leaving comments on the band's Facebook page

If you're wondering what their music is like, have a listen here:

You can also find them on Facebook and YouTube!

BONUS: We actually found a now-defunct "stoner rock" band from Argentina who named itself Kuala Lumpur!

The only trace we found of the Argentinian band is a Bandcamp page with two songs.

Never heard of Mutiara Damansara? Now you do:

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