This Must-Watch Thai Horror Comedy Movie Is As Hilarious As It Is Scary

Catch it in local cinemas nationwide from 14 March 2019 onwards.

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Love horror movies? You'll definitely want to add 'Pee Nak', an upcoming Thai horror comedy film, to your must-watch list! Check out the trailer below:

'Pee Nak' tells the story of Nong, First, and Balloon, three Thai men who are trying to get ordained as monks, each for their own hilarious reasons. However, the old temple in the outskirts of the city is home to a terrifying legend.

It is said that those who choose to undergo ordination there will be face the wrath of the Pee Nak spirit and die before the ceremony is completed. Will they be able to successfully become monks? What is it that the spirit truly wants from them?

According to the director, he got the idea for the movie from his own experience with monkhood

"I was wondering why, in the process of becoming a monk, a young man has to become a nak first – a pre-monkhood stage that everyone has to go through. I did some research and found out that nak came from the legend of Naga."

The legend revolves around Naga, a mythical snake that took on the form of a human man in order to become a monk. However, his disguise was discovered and Lord Buddha ordered him to leave the monastery, as only humans were allowed to become monks.

This brought great sorrow to Naga, whose last request before leaving was that every man who's about to become a monk be called nak (a variation of Naga) in his honor, so that at least his name would forever remain a part of Buddhism.

While the Pee Nak spirit in the movie is based on the legend, it won't be a direct portrayal of Naga

Naga from the original legend serves as a positive reminder of faith and perseverance. Meanwhile, Pee Nak is filled with anger and constantly trying to take the lives of every nak who's ordained at the temple he haunts.

'Pee Nak' doesn't need to rely on the typical jump scare tactics to inspire fear and terror

Through a careful build-up of atmosphere, ambient sounds, and attention to detail, the movie manages to create a spirit that's simultaneously intimidating and sacred. Sure it takes on the appearance of a rotten corpse which is terrifying in itself, but it's not just how it looks that'll scare you.

In fact, not seeing the spirit can be just as scary. Just catching a glimpse of its hand or hearing the jingling of its anklets is enough to send chills down your spine.

At the same time, 'Pee Nak' gets a lighthearted touch from the various comedic moments throughout the movie

This definitely makes for a refreshing change from the super serious horror movies we're used to. From the trailer itself, we can see how the comedic scenes and witty dialogue are an integral part of the movie. It'll definitely be an enjoyable watch that even non-horror fans will be able to enjoy.

Prepare yourself for a scarily good time when you watch 'Pee Nak' - catch it in local cinemas nationwide from 14 March 2019 onwards!

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