Perak Teen Who Raps In Her Hijab And Baju Kurung Makes It To US News

Noor Ayu Fatini Mohd Bakhari, better known as Bunga, became viral after her performance on Joe Flizzow's '16 Baris' earlier this year.

Cover image via 16 Baris/YouTube

19-year-old Noor Ayu Fatini Mohd Bakhari, better known as Bunga, has been making a name for herself as a hijabi rapper lately

The Perak native shot to fame earlier this year for her performance on Joe Flizzow's rap cypher, '16 Baris'. 

At the time of writing, Bunga's '16 Baris' video has garnered over 1.4 million views on YouTube. 

Clad in a hijab and baju kurung, the 19-year-old has developed a unique stage presence for her rap performances

According to South China Morning Post, Bunga raps about her experiences of being bullied, love, and working at a gadget shop – but stays away from obscenity and racism. 

"(Being a female rapper) doesn't mean i have to act like boys or talk about gangsters," she was quoted as saying by South China Morning Post. 

The teenager also revealed that music was not her first career choice.

"My initial dream was to be a politician or a lawyer," Bunga said.

The Perak native has also been featured by Associated Press, a US-based news agency

Associated Press had spoken to Bunga before her debut performance for 'Pesta Raya' in Singapore last week. 

She told the news agency about the challenges of rapping in her baju kurung. 

"We can't jump around so much wearing baju kurung," Bunga said.

The teenager also revealed that she has faced backlash for rapping as a hijabi, as she is "bringing down the image of women". 

Nonetheless, the criticism has not deterred Bunga from doing what she loves

She told Associated Press that she is "living proof" that hijabis can make it in the male-dominated rap scene.

"I've realised that there are more hijabis who want to rap. I think that's a good thing because you shouldn't worry about what others say," Bunga said. 

Watch Bunga in action here:

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