[PHOTOS] When The Monsters Of 'Stranger Things' Invaded Good Vibes Festival In Genting...

Netflix really brought creepy #StrangerVibes to the festival grounds!

Cover image via SAYS / All Is Amazing / Netflix

Amidst the music and festivities at Good Vibes Festival in Genting Highlands, an evil presence lurks in the corner, waiting to consume these vibrant and youthful souls...

For the first time ever, Netflix brought the monsters of Stranger Things to Malaysia for a two-day jaunt in the cool, creepy highlands

Not gonna lie, we were kinda impressed by the massive Mind Flayer glowering atop of pastel-coloured walls of Starcourt Mall in Season Three. 

It looked even more intimidating at night! 

Fans of the show - including us! - got to recreate our favourite moments from the show, like when Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven flipped over a van in Season One:

Image via Netflix

My thanks to the Netflix crew member who encapsulated Eleven's powers much better than I could ever hope to:

Image via SAYS

Yours truly can't bike to save her life, so pretending to bike with the squad it is. :p

Image via SAYS

There was a long line heading into the Byers' living room...

... But check out how cool it was inside! 

Image via SAYS

Festival-goers also got to attempt beating the high score on some arcade games as well as to post some photos on the 'gram to score some Stranger Things merch

Image via imgur.com

Check out some of the merch we brought home below! Btw, the pins and temporary tattoos were designed by Malaysian artist Ong Lyn-hui, whose fan art was handpicked by Netflix for the global #StrangerRewind project: 

Lyn's art was also on display on a giant wall, as well as on the side of the installation along with artwork from 15 other artists from all over the world

Image via imgur.com
Image via imgur.com

There was also a Demogorgon, which you can bet we stayed far, far away from

Did you manage to visit the Stranger Things installation at Good Vibes Festival over the weekend? Show us your best #squadgoals pics!

All three seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming exclusively on Netflix. Watch our interview with Millie Bobby Brown a.k.a. Eleven here:

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