SAYS Exclusive: Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Unboxes A Malaysian Snack From The '80s

"It's like a Kinder Egg toy!"

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"Summer is coming."

For its first ever screening event in Malaysia, Netflix recently turned Kuala Lumpur "upside down" at the local premiere of Stranger Things 3.

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Hardcore fans and selected media (including us!) got to see the first episode of the hit TV show's third season days ahead of its Netflix premiere tomorrow, 4 July

While we can't reveal much about what we watched (really one, we signed an NDA and everything), let's just say that summer in Hawkins is gonna bring memories of the '80s flooding back in loud, colourful waves, and Mileven shippers - it's gonna be a sweet and bumpy ride ahead for your favourite OTP, so buckle up your little shipper hearts.

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As for the new horrors that await the Stranger Squad and the residents of Hawkins, we can't wait to see it (them?) unveiled after the cliffhanger at the end of Episode 1! Here's a little hint to tide you over in the meantime: 

Actual image of me waiting for the rest of Season 3 to drop.

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Ahead of the premiere, we also had the opportunity to meet Millie Bobby Brown to chat about Eleven's growth and new "darker" adventures in Season 3

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In the spirit of nostalgia, we also got Millie to unbox a "surprise" Malaysian childhood snack - Ding Dang!

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Watch our interview with Millie here:

Season 3 of Stranger Things premieres exclusively on Netflix this Thursday, 4 July 2019. You can also catch up on the first two seasons here.

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Also, check out this Malaysian artist who was one of only 18 international artists selected by Netflix for the #StrangerRewind project:

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