[PICS/GIFS] You Don't Have To Be Jay Chou's Fan To Ogle At His Wedding Photos!

One of the most talked about weddings this year, the Taiwanese star certainly went all-out for his nuptials to model Hannah Quinlivan, his girlfriend of four years.

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Jay Chou Threw Another Wedding Dinner In Taiwan Just For His Grandma. Sweet!

Following their fairytale wedding bash in England last month, Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan threw yet another lavish banquet at the W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan

The banquet took place in the outdoor pool area of the upscale hotel, complete with circus-themed decorations and a carousel stage. Kinda reminded us of the #BEWedding from last year, don't you think?

Image via ETToday.net

The wedding took place in an outdoor pool area on the 10th floor of the upscale W Hotel. Scented candles were placed at the entrance of the venue, which was decorated like a circus tent with the swimming pool the center of attention.

A red carpet laid out on an elevated platform in the swimming pool led to a main stage featuring two wooden horses, while dinner tables were placed on the two long sides of the pool.

Image via ETToday.net
Image via ETToday.net

The bride and groom walked down the aisle with their pet dog Machi in Jay's arms and subsequently cut a five-tier castle-shaped cake onstage

According to Chou, the banquet was specially arranged for his grandmother who was not able to attend his wedding in England last month, as well as the newlyweds' relatives and friends in Taiwan

Chou's grandmother, in her 90s, said Chou was her first grandchild to get married and she was very happy to attend the wedding.


Singers Jody Chiang and Fei Yu-ching were also in attendance, as well as TV host Chang Fei, hostesses Chang Hsiao-yen and Matilda Tao, and actors Eric Tsang and Lee Lee-Zen‎

It is also reported that the couple are planning to host a third wedding banquet in Quinlivan's home country in Australia

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On 17 January, King of Taiwanese pop Jay Chou tied the knot with model Hannah Quinlivan, and it was indeed a wedding befitting of Mandopop royalty

For years, he said he would be married at age 35. Late last year, after confirming his four-year relationship with Quinlivan, 21, he said his 36th birthday would be his wedding day.

In the end, thanks to a dash of time-zone magic, pop king Jay Chou kept both of his promises when he married model Hannah Quinlivan in a fairy-tale wedding in Yorkshire, northern England, on Saturday afternoon, the eve of his 36th birthday.


Playing out like scenes from a fairy tale, the wedding ceremony was held in the historic Selby Abbey of Yorkshire, England, with only the couple's parents and about 50 family members and close friends in attendance

Two of Chou's good friends, The Drifters singer Darren and fitness coach Hulk, were the groomsmen. The bridesmaids were actresses Beatrice Fang and Fion Sun.


The glowing bride's Tudor-inspired dress is a dream, with a flowing train and a heart-shaped cutout in the back, while the groom stepped out in a black tuxedo lined with gold embroidery

Quinlivan was led down the aisle by her Australian father, who placed her hand in Chou's at the end of the bridal procession

Looking very much in love (aww!), the bride was reportedly moved to tears as she exchanged rings and vows with Chou

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Sparing no expense for his big day, the pop star arranged for a 20-member live orchestra to play music during the event, including a piece he composed especially for the occasion

That's not all. After the ceremony, guests were treated to dinner at a nearby hotel, followed by a party - featuring a symphony and rock band - at Castle Howard

Image via sinaimg.cn
Image via sinaimg.cn

Apple Daily estimated the cost of the wedding at NT$23 million (S$1 million), and said it was the most extravagant wedding in Taiwanese entertainment.


Hours before the ceremony, Chou's record company JVR Music released three gorgeous pre-wedding photos of the couple, which were taken in Prague, Paris and Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle in October last year

Chou and Quinlivan have been linked together since 2011, but the couple has never made a public appearance together. In fact, the singer only made his love life public in November last year

Chou gave his fans a rare glimpse into his love life when he posted 2 photos of himself and girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan on his product brand Mr. J's Weibo micro blog account on 17 November. The high-profile release of the photos was unusual for Jay Chou, whose relationships have been quite low-key.


Till then, there had only been paparazzi shots of them together.


Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan spotted in Paris, France.

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Chou revealed that he proposed to Quinlivan in England like he was "shooting a music video", complete with fireworks and with him on one knee to set a romantic mood

He was quoted as saying, “Fireworks are a must, it is a basic necessity. Kneeling down is also a necessity. It was very romantic. I treated it like I was shooting a music video.” He also revealed that he wants to “have enough children to form a band”.


A day after the ceremony, JVR released a wedding video featuring Chou's original piece for the big day. Watch it HERE:

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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