Popular Musical Adaptation Of 'Sepet' Which Sold Out Last Year Will Return In August

Here's your chance to relive the charming world of 'Sepet The Musical'.

Cover image via Liver & Lung Productions (Provided to SAYS)

After picking up three awards at the 17th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BOH Cammies) last week, Liver & Lung Productions will be reviving their critically acclaimed performance of Sepet The Musical

The musical adaption of Yasmin Ahmad's heartwarming film Sepet, which ran for three sold-out weeks last September, will be back this August at GMBB, a creative community mall in Bukit Bintang. 

This comes after the British-Malaysian theatre company took home three wins, including Best Director for Sepet The Musical, at Kakiseni's arts awards last week. 

From left: Joshua Gui (plays Jason), Hannah Shields (choreographer), Badrish Bahadur (co-composer), Shafeeq Shajahan (director), Badrika Bahadur (plays Orked), and in the centre, Wai Leong (musical director).

Image via Liver & Lung Productions (Provided to SAYS)

"We wanted to celebrate the win by reviving the show for new audiences and bring the hope that Yasmin Ahmad inspired to a post-COVID world. It's time that Malaysia enjoys theatre again," notes Liver & Lung Productions co-founder and director Shafeeq Shajahan.

Sepet The Musical will be KL's first theatrical production since the implementation of the various movement control orders

It comes at the perfect time if you're looking to escape the world for a while. 

Audiences will even be let in on Liver & Lung Production's upcoming musical, Songs Inspired by A Little Life, in a 30-minute preview.

The original piece is inspired by American novelist Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life, which tells the story of a successful lawyer, Jude St Francis, confronting his past.

Badrish Bahadur playing 'Walk Through The Fire', an original song from 'Songs Inspired by A Little Life'.

Image via Liver & Lung Productions/YouTube

Aside from featuring intelligent characters overcoming personal obstacles, both Sepet The Musical and Songs Inspired by A Little Life are simply full of heart, say the co-founders of Liver & Lung Productions.

To build the world of 'Jason' and 'Orked', audience members are encouraged to turn up in their best Sepet-inspired outfits

Liver & Lung Productions are known for creating immersive theatrical experiences. 

You can seize the opportunity to show off your cotton baju kurungs and maybe even copper ash-dyed spiked hair. :p

It wouldn't be a Liver & Lung Production performance without free kuih-muih and snacks on offer. Only this time, health and safety precautions will be put in place.

Not to worry, co-founder Hannah Shields assures that these measures will not detract from the magic of the theatre. Audience members may even get their temperatures scanned by a wandering Jason, played by Joshua Gui.

Performed in an intimate, dream-like setting, audiences are sure to fall in love with the Sepet characters all over again

Gui and Badrika Bahadur will be returning as Jason and Orked, respectively, in a two-hour-and-45-minute performance, bringing life to Yasmin's charming and resonant characters once more. 

Co-composer of Sepet The Musical and nominee for the 17th BOH Cammies Badrish Isdin will then join Gui in tackling Songs Inspired by A Little Life.

Performance dates: 7-9, 14-16, and 21-23 August

Tickets are priced at RM110 for the double bill (both performances) and RM40 for Songs Inspired by A Little Life. You can purchase them here.

You can also find Liver & Lung Productions at:
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Watch the full trailer here:

A number of plays have been postponed as a result of the movement control orders. Matilda The Musical will only be coming to theatres in March 2021:

Late last year, local singer NJWA featured Sepet actors Sharifah Amani and Ng Choo Seong in her music video about interracial love:

Both of these critically acclaimed Malaysian filmmakers have also tackled the subject of race within their work:

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