This Malaysian Singer Featured 'Sepet' Actors In Her Music Video About Interracial Love

"Love is easy. But fighting for love is not."

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Local songstress NJWA's new song has a message that will hit close to home for many Malaysians - the struggles of interracial love

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The artiste, formerly known as Najwa Mahiaddin, released her song 'Take Love Back' to shed light on the common but often unspoken challenges faced by people in interfaith and interracial relationships.

To make the song's music video all the more special, two local actors - who made names for themselves by portraying an interracial couple - made a cameo that will tug on all the heartstrings

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Sharifah Amani and Ng Choo Seong, who played Orked and Jason in Yasmin Ahmad's 2005 movie 'Sepet', introduce NJWA's song in the video directed by Nadirah Zakariya.

"Love is easy. But fighting for love is not," Sharifah Amani said in a moving monologue, before being joined by her former co-star.

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Two dancers - Grace Ng and Nabil Zakaria - then grace the screen by portraying an interracial couple's romance from courtship to conflict in an emotional performance.

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NJWA, who is married to music director Idris Koh, is no stranger to dealing with differences of race and religion in a relationship.

However, she pointed out, "The problem is not usually within people in the actual relationship but from the people around them."

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"Sometimes it's family and they don't see how someone from a different race could be in a relationship with their son or daughter," the singer-songwriter told Malay Mail.

"We're always being told to love each other, but not to fall in love with each other," NJWA added.

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While she acknowledged that Malaysians have become more accepting of interracial relationships, the artist opined that there is still a long way to go.

"I hope the music video encourages people to start discussing these things and not judge others for falling in love with someone of a different race."

Watch the music video for 'Take Love Back' here:

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