From Pop-Punk To Hip-Hop: Rudeen Is Making Waves In The Local Music Scene

He was recently featured on Joe Flizzow's cypher YouTube series, '16 Baris'.

Cover image via @rudeenysf (Instagram)

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Meet Rudeen.

Born and raised in Kuantan, Pahang, the 28-year-old rapper is establishing himself as the next big thing in the local music industry.

If you are a fan of the local hip-hop scene, Rudeen is a face you've probably seen at your neighbourhood weekend gigs.

While most people know him as a clever and sentimental rapper who delivers bops after bops, Rudeen actually began his career in 2012 with his pop-punk band, ZBDK.

He transitioned to a solo rapper in 2018, after realising that he has the talent to write music.

Rudeen is now a rising name in the local indie scene, having released music with local rapstress Hullera and being featured on Joe Flizzow's popular cypher YouTube series, 16 Baris.

The rapper's songs are not shallow. He uses music as an art form to show his vulnerable side while reflecting his life's story for the rest of the world to hear.

In one of his hit songs, Cuba Kamu, the rapper confronts his former lover about their breakup, questioning them on the reasons for their split.

"Cuba kau jawab bila aku bertanya, apa punca kita tak lagi bersama. Cuba kau dengar apa yang kamu ucap, ternyata kamu bukan lagi yang pernah ku damba," he sings.

In a conversation with SAYS, Rudeen said that the track is extremely personal to him and B-Heart, another rapper who was also featured in the song.

He went on to say that both of them were going through a "sad boy phase", and he got the inspiration for the song's chorus while he was leaving his studio.

"I recorded the chorus and sent it to B-Heart, and he immediately sent back the finished track.

"I said to him, 'That was quick,' and he told me it's because he was heartbroken too," he recounted.

Throughout the song, listeners can hear both of them rapping about how upset they are about their failed relationships.

As of writing, the emotional track has garnered over 115,000 streams on Spotify, a telling sign of the general public's love for Rudeen's music and what's more to come.

Rudeen's diverse songs and storytelling skill have set him apart from the rest of the hip-hop scene

Showing a different side of himself, Rudeen collaborated with fellow Malaysian singer-songwriter Hullera on a track titled, Hadir. Here, the duo sing to a flowery guitar riff with sweeter and more upbeat lyrics than his usual style.

In contrast to Cuba Kamu, Rudeen now expresses his longing for his partner in this track, telling them how much he values them.

"Buang resah kamu, lupa kisah lalu. Have a good day my dear, and now let me tell you how I feel every time you're here.

"Bila kau hadir, seperti pelangi, seakan muncul semua benda yang ku cari. Bila kau hadir, senyapkan sepi, lenyap semua hal bila kita menari," he sings.

The song was released in 2021 and now has over 785,000 streams on Spotify, with over 128,000 views on the music video uploaded on YouTube.

Image via Hadir/Spotify

Currently, Rudeen is looking to broaden his musical horizons and branch into other genres such as house music

Rudeen said that his upcoming album will be distinct from his previous releases because it will focus more on the indie-pop sound.

"In the future, I would love to try and experiment with more genres, or explore the subgenres in hip-hop," he said.

When asked about his experience being featured on 16 Baris, the rapper stated that he was ecstatic and excited when he learned that he would be on the show.

"When I got the news, I had actually just woken up from sleeping and got a text from my manager who told me to prepare for 16 Baris.

"I was really excited, and I remember shouting at home. Before I even got up to take a shower, I immediately wrote down new lyrics and prepared myself for the show," he added.

When speaking about the future, Rudeen revealed that he will be releasing an album later this year, and told his fans to stay updated on his releases.

Watch Rudeen's performance on 16 Baris here:

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