SAYS Exclusive: Joe And Peach From 'You' React To Malaysians' Opinions On Online Stalking

Are Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell social media creeps IRL? We find out.

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How "creepy" are your social media habits compared to other Malaysians?

When the hit TV show You premiered on Netflix earlier this year, we thought it'd be fun to run a poll for Malaysians to share their opinions on social media and online stalking behaviour.

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So when we had the opportunity to chat with the stars of the show Penn Badgley (who plays charming but creepy Joe) and Shay Mitchell (the deliciously b*tchy Peach), we thought it'd be fun to have them take the poll too!

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Penn was particularly surprised that 40% of Malaysians think adding a person you've just met on Facebook is Joe level "creepy"

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Are Penn and Shay social media creeps IRL? Watch our full interview with the stars of You HERE:

You can also take the poll here:

If you've already watched You on Netflix, we hope you've taken these life lessons to heart... lest you end up in a glass cage:

Netflix is moving in on Asian content in 2019, and leading the pack is Kingdom, a zombie epic set in medieval Korea:

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