[POLL] Is Your Online Stalking Behaviour Normal Or Creepy?

Are you being stalked, or are you the stalker?

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'YOU', a Netflix Original Series, is dark, steamy and suspenseful

'YOU' follows the compelling story of Joe Goldberg, a charming bookstore manager who exploits today's technology to win over aspiring writer, Beck.

The show demonstrates how the Internet can record your every move, as well as enable a stranger to know your personal details just by searching your name. 'YOU' serves as a reminder that social media and the Internet can threaten your privacy not just online, but also in real life.

Watch the gripping trailer below to see how the story unravels:

At first glance, Joe seems like an ordinary, harmless guy

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That is, until he comes face-to-face with the girl of his dreams. Mesmerised by Beck's beauty, Joe will do anything in his power to get close to her, even if it means spying on her social media accounts or worse, murder.

Unbeknownst to Beck, Joe stalks her online and uses the information he gathers to insert himself into her life, tricking her into becoming his girlfriend. 

There's a fine line between being friendly online and cyberstalking. Take this poll to vote whether these behaviours are a 'Yes' or a 'Joe'!

Vote 'Yes' if you think these behaviours are harmless. But if you think they are dangerous and traits of a cyberstalker, vote 'Joe'.

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So, are you just a normal Internet creeper who checks someone's social media account frequently because you genuinely want to know how they're doing? Or are you a cyberstalker who has bad, underlying intentions, just like Joe?

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With Joe being obsessive and deranged, you're bound to witness many of the behaviours mentioned. 'YOU' also exhibits how such traits can lead to dangerous and life-threatening consequences, especially for those involved. 

Anxious to see how the plot plays out? Then subscribe to Netflix today to watch the full season of 'YOU'.

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