[SAYS EXCLUSIVE] 5 Quick Questions With EXO's Chanyeol, Sehun, And Suho

We had a quick chat with the K-pop idols when they were in Singapore last weekend.

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For the first time in SAYS history, we experienced for ourselves the madness of the EXO fandom when we met up with Chanyeol, Sehun, and Suho from the super popular K-pop group in Singapore over the weekend

Image via Skechers / SAYS

The trio stopped by the Lion City on Saturday, 10 June, to make a brief appearance at the Asia Grand Finals of the first ever Skechers Sweet Monster K-Pop Dance Competition. Apparently, fans began lining up from as early as 12.30am just to snag a good spot to catch a glimpse of their idols.

And the screams that erupted when the boys finally appeared were DEAFENING. Just look at the amount of people who've packed themselves into the atrium! If you squint, you can spot us somewhere in this photo:

Image via Skechers / SAYS

Prior to the event, we got to sit down with the boys from EXO for a 5-minute chat. It was just enough time for us to ask them five quick questions:

1. What do you find most difficult about being in a group as successful as EXO?

"I think, it's probably in maintaining the relationship between [the members] as well as with the fans," Chanyeol said.

However, they also agree that it's those two things that help them keep up with the momentum of their success since their debut five years ago.

"The relationship between the members, the teamwork we have, that's very important. That is what's been keeping us so successful all this while," Suho said.

"And our love towards the fans, that's also very important to us," Sehun added.

2. Who is the one artist or musician you'd really like to work with?

Suho immediately said, "Coldplay." Chanyeol looked pretty excited about that. :D

"We went to their concert in Seoul recently and were pretty fascinated by them. Even though we're not a band, I think it'll be nice to be able to collaborate with Coldplay one day," he added.

3. Since you guys are ambassadors of a shoe brand, which of you is the most obsessed with shoes?

"There's no one in particular, because all of us collect lots of shoes. We like shoes a lot, including (fellow EXO members) Baekhyun and Chen," Suho said.

Chanyeol chimed in, "There are so many shoes in our dormitory. When packages are delivered to our dorm, the delivery guy always looks so surprised by the amount of shoes on the floor when we open the door."

Image via Skechers / SAYS

4. As someone who's never been to South Korea, name one place I must visit.

Suho recommends going to Gyeongbok Palace, the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty built in 1395.

"It's a place where previous kings of Korea have lived in, so there's a lot of history there," he explained.

As for Chanyeol, he thinks anyone who's never been to Korea should explore Jongno-gu (or Jongno District), which has been the centre of Seoul for 600 years.

"It's a place with a lot of history and culture embedded in the streets and in the different neighbourhoods. It's a beautiful place," he said.

5. You've just completed a 9-month world tour. What's next for EXO?

"We have a new album coming out soon, and will be back soon for a concert, so please look forward to that," Suho revealed.

In short - start saving money, EXO fans! ;)

Image via Skechers / SAYS

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